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Modern Parenting,What gets me up in the Morning

Modern parenting is a chaos-give over and get on with it

The news just  seems to find me all the time -a breastfed 4 year old boy, vegetarian butcher, free parenting classes.Information is everywhere -on my  phone, every time I open my e-mail, social media and so on.

In the last few days I have been noticing the amount of nonsense being poured over people about parenting. How ridiculous is to say that parents need parenting classes. Modern parenting is a chaos-give over and get on with it. It is beyond my understanding and I do believe also puts a stigma on having kids and more importantly on rising them.I hate to feel that kids are being used as a collective buffer of a failed society, where fake boobs and fake tan are a must.Never mind all the other things, that women get brain washed about-like the fact that so many of my friends feel the need to go on a holiday without their children so they can have a proper brake. How about all the nonsense about the post baby looking skinny syndrome.modern parenting

But the classes really show how much we as a society  have forgotten the meaning of life. How about the fact that so many women want to have an amazing job and a family. I know there are some irreplaceable nannies and child carers, but  that is not the point. People forget that your child does’t need you to go to classes, have an amazing career or look like a cover of a magazine. Children do not need to be alienated , by sending their own parent to classes to “deal” with them. Wake up and just get on with it.

All you need is turn the TV off , do things together, there is no better teacher on how to be a parent than your child. They come to this world as a gift in your life, that you have to nurture and love, regardless of any circumstances.Let your children be, stop thinking that they have to conform to be able to survive. Care, love and self -education are the foundations of a human growth. Simple and content environment, where they can grow and feel nurtured.Parenting is about being confident and keeping calm. me and the boys

I am a mother of 3 wonderful boys. I do know about parenting , but I would never dream of giving classes or worse taking some.I asked my boys this question ” What makes me a good mother?” The youngest one Sotiraki said- “Being relaxed and working on your laptop.” Stellios said ” That you take us out on our bikes” and Ari said ‘That you look after everybody” . What more do you need?  That is my point Learn from your children how to be a parent. Live it, learn it , enjoy  life’s ups and downs!
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