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Natural Treatment For Migraine Headaches

Hello my friends, from today I am starting a new category called Natural Treatments, where I will share information by some experts in this field. My first guest blogger is Matthew Armstrong , who is a Human Behavioral Specialist, Author, Health Educator Speaker, Master Coach, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner .matthew armstrong

Matthew is trained in Korean Ki Energy acupressure and sound healing and provides treatment’s. He has a complete and wholistic knowledge of health and nutrition and is a huge advocate of the raw vegan living foods lifestyle. He has also recently published his first book “You Will Be Thin and Feel Great” , which is a complete guide to healthy weight loss and he is progressing well through his second!

Matthew is now known as Europes leading transformational specialist and has coached clients globally including celebrities in Hollywood.

Matthew is one of my personal mentors and friends and I admire his work, dedication and inspiration. Here is his first article :

Natural Treatment For Migraine Headaches

Migraine Headaches are more an energetic issue than a strictly physical one and undoing energetic blockages and balancing the body’s energy system through the use of EFT is the number one natural treatment for migraine headaches.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as meridian tapping) is a simple modality for balancing the body’s energy system and releasing blocked energy dissolving negative emotions, memories and past traumas or future worries and fears.Meridian Tapping is practised by using the fingers to tap on the various acupressure points on the body, while at the same time focusing on a phrase that describes the issue and also putting attention on the issue.natural treatments for migraine headache

Miraculous recoveries can be achieved when the reason behind the headache has been discovered and it is different for everyone because it is often a dis empowering belief, a traumatic memory, or even some sort of fear of worry, which cause the energetic imbalance. So it is always important to tune into the root cause rather than just the presenting symptoms.

Another effective natural treatment for Migraine headaches can be found with the diet. Many foods and drinks that we consume cause inflammation, and inflammation of the tissues and sinuses can cause headaches. Certain foods are also mucus forming and when our sinuses are full of mucus and inflamed at the same time, this is a sure recipe for a migraine headache.

A predominantly raw plant based diet also known as a Raw Vegan Diet is the number one anti-inflammatory and anti-mucus diet that one can eat. I have never met anyone who’s migraine headaches persisted that ate a 100% raw vegan diet.

At the very least, the foods that you want to seriously reduce or remove are meat, dairy, bread and diet drinks, which contain Aspartame.

The foods that you want to eat more of are fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. By doing this not only will you be free of migraine headaches, your health, vitality and energy will also radically improve and you will look and feel younger.natural treatments for migraine headaches

Find and living your life purpose is also a little understood natural treatment for migraine headaches. To understand this, you must realise that all dis-ease in the body or mind for that matter is communication or feedback. When we don’t listen or act on this feedback then it will get worse or louder until we take action to rectify the problem. Ask yourself the question “Am I doing what I love in life?” “Am I fulfilling my highest aspirations?” If the answer is no, then ask “What would I really love to do with my life?”

natural treatments for migraine headaches Find out what your values are and what is really important to you and start living it daily. When we start to align our life with our true values and align our personality with our soul and our souls purpose then disease can vanish from our body. So you can naturally treat migraine headaches through some soul searches and asking the right questions.

To learn more about EFT – Meridian Tapping, a Raw Vegan Diet and anything else you read about above, go now to

Matthew Armstrong is a Transformational Specialist and best-selling author. He has interviewed experts in various fields of health and well-being to bring you a comprehensive resource for learning how to recover from any disease and attain vibrant health and vitality. Visit to watch video interviews with leading experts in Natural Health, Nutrition and Fitness.


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