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Friends of Mother Nature-Dómhnaill Ó’Rioghbhardáin-“Having tea with trees”

Today is another special day for this Blog as I am adding another category here. The section is called “Friends of Mother Nature “ .This is where I will be inviting you on a virtual cup of tea  to have a conversation about Mother Nature , Natural treatments and all things Natural ! 

friends of mother nature
You are invited to have a virtual cup of tea.Plase contact me if you are interested



The inspiration behind the  “Fiends of Mother Nature “ are those few lines written by David Orr, which I totaly believe and share

“The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these qualities have little to do with success as we have defined it.”

We are all friends of Mother Nature -some more than others, but I believe everybody is doing their best. The main thing to remember is that we are only passing by here. We are here to give. If you don’t give you are not alive. Find what is that thing in  you , that makes you feel inspired and come alive and go with it. Live it, be it and give it. And that ,my friends, is success-to be who you are and give what you’ve got.You are not alone and we are in this together. This amazing journey called LIFE.

friends of mother natureMy first guest to “Friends of Mother Nature ” is Dómhnaill Ó’Rioghbhardáin, who lives in Limerick Ireland with his wife.He is a part of a team which  effort is to   restore the entire Sahara Desert to a thriving, fertile place where people can live in abundance once again.  The project was introduced to the 2011 All-Ireland Permaculture Gathering in Wicklow by Sarah Franklyn in August.

Domhaill is working with Andy who has started a project in a remote valley in North-Central Morocco to build a school for local children with a permaculture center as part of the PRI’s ‘Permaculture Centers Worldwide’ vision.  Initially the plan is to  drill a borehole to avoid using the local scarce water, and to save local people having to walk up to 10 km (each way) to get clean water.

In the longer term, the project aims to restore the valley using gabions, swales and jusdicious planting. This will hold in water and stop the drought and soil erosion. It will then serve as an example for the next phase of the project. There are two National Parks close by, and the plans are to expand the project into them, as there will be  a green corridor between them. After that, working with others doing permaculture in North Africa, we’ll move on into the desert itself.

As the desert retreats it will be replaced by thriving communities living in abundance, while maintaining their traditional ways of living.friends of mother nature

 Here is the interview with Dómhnaill.
1.What is Natural Healing? Dómhnaill :”My understanding of ‘Natural Healing’ is healing by working with Nature and ones own body to heal itself rather then using synthetic drugs.
2.What can we learn from Mother Nature?Dómhnaill  We can learn a lot from Mother Nature. We must believe in abundance. If you plant one shallot and mind it, it will produce 12 bulbs at the end of the year. If you plant those 12 you will get 144 after two years, if you plant the 144 after 3 years you will have 1728 bulbs, in 4 years 20736, in 5 248832, after 6 2985984, after 7 35831808, after 8 429981696, after 9 5159780352 after 10 years 61917364224 bulbs that makes about 9 shallots for every person on the planet.
Now an Ash tree produces about 10,000 seeds on a single year. Think of the multiplier there ? the planet could be recovered in trees easily, just plant them.”
3.Is Peace on Earth Possible? Dómhnaill :”Yes of course, if everyone plants enough trees we will have peace.”
4.In your opinion what are the most effective natural treatments to some of the catastrophic diseases like cancer, diabetes , multiple sclerosis and so on? Dómhnaill:”The most effective treatment to the modern diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease is prevention. Get exercise, drink clean poison free spring water (not out of plastic), eat food which promotes healing and avoid toxic foods, and avoid radiation and air pollution. (live in the woods)”
5.What is your favourate short story or a quote? Dómhnaill “If you cheat the Earth the Earth will cheat you”. See the man who planted trees video.
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Thank you very much for being here and all your support and love.
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