health benefits of the vegan diet
Becoming Vegan,Plant Based Diet

Why Vegan? Health Benefits of the Vegan Diet

People go vegan when they are ready for it, not when they are overwhelmed with statistics and health lectures.

The health benefits of the vegan diet are  just a part of the reasons why people go vegan.

Being vegan is a choice , that has changed my life and has enabled me to live more fully and compassionately.

In this blog post I want to share a video with you , that I watched shortly before I went vegetarian.

I was so surprised how easy it was to go vegetarian. It was the perfect stepping stone for going vegan after that. In this video  Dr. Michael Klaper explains what are the health benefits of the Vegan Diet .

Becoming vegan has allowed me to feel amazing and more compassionate to animals and people.
I am a true vegan foodie and love cooking and combining all the wonderful flavours and textures , that are present in Nature.
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Sending Blessings and Love

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