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4 ways to detox and boost your energy naturally-reinvent yourself #21

The first day of the year put a lot of people in a mood to detox after the festive season. In my opinion detox should happen all year round and mostly as a part of your weekly routine.

By doing that you are more likely to feel energetic and vibrant. In today’s video I share 4 simple ways to detox and boost your energy naturally. Please click play to watch it. 


Here is a link with the posts from my Raw Vegan Detox 

When you feel energetic and vibrant everything that you have to do seems incredibly achievable and do-able. Feeling good is one of the vital parts of getting things done. Sometimes you do have to push yourself. but its all worth it. 

Start moving towards an energetic feeling by simply adding these 4 things to your life 

1.Drink pure water daily and eliminate the best you can any commercial drinks, made in a factory. If you want to drink fruit juice your best option is to make your own if possible. All commercial juices have been pasteurized and have hardly any nutrients and goodness left in them . I use a water fillter under the kitchen sink and this is the only water we drink and cook with .My intensions are to install a main water filter in the house and start showering and bathing in it. 

2.Breath deeply daily .Take your time to use your amazing capacity to take a deep breath and exhail all the toxins , free radicals and worries out of your body on a daily basis. Don’t get caught in the shallow breathing trap. 

3.Feel your feelings. When you carry the world’s problems on your shoulders you lose an enormous amount of energy as simply there is no solution , that will solve them all. Let it be as it is. In your own life as well. If you are upset about something cry , if you are happy be happy . Holding on to grudges and past pains makes them grow bigger and drains your energy! 

4.Get sun light onto your skin .Exposure to sunlight delivers oxygen to the cells in your body and helps you feel energized. Its almost like doing exercise. Its a powerful way also to boost your immune system , which in itself is a energy booster as well.  

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