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Family Barrhaven Dentist and General Dentists focus on preventative methods


Preventative dentistry include methods such as daily hygiene habits in your home and regular professional dental cleanings and appointments for checkups at the dentists office to keep your teeth and mouth strong and healthy.


Sadly too many patients tend to neglect the proper dental care they should strive to maintain. Decay of the teeth left unattended can cause the need for much more invasive and costly procedures, even restorative measures, such as dental implants, dental crowning, or in extreme cases, full oral reconstruction. Gum disease can lead to serious complications and has been linked to serious conditions such as stroke and heart disease. That is why it is good to try to diagnose such oral issues early on by having biannual dental check ups or contacting your dental professional as soon as a concern arrises. Being preventative with your oral health is a great way to avoid future dentist expenses and health complications.


The pillars of preventative dentistry


Most people think of their regular checkups when they hear the words “Preventative Dentistry”, but the pillars of preventative dentistry happen both inside and away from the dentists office.


Daily Hygiene – As your dentist can help you to protect you oral hygiene with procedures, making sure you practice daily dental hygiene is easily one of the more important steps to preventing oral disease. Brushing and flossing minimal twice a day is a must in order to safeguard against both tooth decay and gum disease. Not using these daily habits can lead to plaque and tarter building up quickly and leading to both gum disease and tooth decay. Your dentist recommends a professional cleaning and checkup twice a year or every 6 months to help maintain plaque buildup that at home daily brushings and flossing cannot reach.


X-Rays – X-Rays, in addition to standard examinations, are such an important part to preventative dentistry. They can detect tutors, infections of bones, cavities, and other oral diseases that cannot be seen with the naked eye.


Fluoride – A mineral that is an important role in strengthening enamel and preventing decay, fluoride is a mineral that is crucial in preventative dentistry. Additionally to the in office checkup fluoride treatments, dentists will recommend a toothpaste and mouth wash that contains fluoride so you get more frequent use.


Diet – Most people do not realize that a healthy diet is a very important element in maintaining a healthy mouth. Sugars can quickly attack teeth soon after it entires the mouth. Most dentists actually recommend avoiding sodas and sugar based foods and then brushing your teeth quickly as possible after digesting foods high in sugar.


For more ways to prevent oral complications and to keep a healthy happy mouth, contact your Barrhaven Dentist to maintain a healthy body and mouth.

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