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When do you know you need orthodontic treatment?

When do you know  you need orthodontic treatment?

Improving the appearance of the teeth is generally the main reason why most orthodontic treatment is taken place. However, if you have any of the below symptoms you need to consider orthodontic treatment:
– Close your mouth, does your teeth align well
– Are you able to close your mouth fully?
– Having difficulty in eating, chewing
– Pain in your jaw
– You are unhappy with your smile, particularly your profile
– Having speech difficulty
– You have a breathing or swallowing problem
– Your teeth is crowding
– You have a gap between teeth
– Having difficulty when flossing

There is no age limit to orthodontic treatment, just consult to an orthodontist.



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Ortodonti – Diş Teli
Cerrahi Tedaviler
Estetik Diş Tedavileri
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Çocuk Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı
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Oral Diagnoz ve Radyoloji

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