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Remedial Massage Ultimate Guide and Health Benefits

What is remedial massage?

A deep tissue style therapeutic treatment, remedial massage is designed to heal various muscle problems, injuries and health issues. The healing treatment can be gentle or strong. The body as a whole is connected and that injury in one part impacts on the other areas as well. For instance, if injury occurs in one leg, the injured person may then depend on the other leg that in turn can lead to problems in the hip and back. Such a problem can tighten the neck muscles causing an imbalance such that it causes head ache.

remedial massage benefits


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Eventually, the person will come to the therapist with persistent issue of head ache while the primary cause of it is the knee injury. The remedial massage therapist will not only diagnose the actual problem but treat the condition with a massage. The therapy starts with consultation before any treatment is performed. This usually involves a number of factors basically beginning with a series of tests to check the condition of the patient. There is also a thorough check up to see how much movement is available in certain muscle groups. If the patient complains of a headache, the therapist will see how far the muscles allow the head to turn. Also, whether there is tightness of muscles in the neck region.

The patient’s posture is also observed by the therapist to see if there is discomfort in other parts of the body during movement. The muscle palpitation is also checked to see if muscle groups are shortened or tight. When muscle groups aren’t shortened then they cannot contract further and hence cannot function properly. Remedial massage therapists use various techniques to manipulate, stretch, and soften the muscle such that it will gradually start working fine again. Techniques like trigger point therapy include manipulating small trigger points or zones of the muscle groups to release them. Sometimes the trigger point may be referred pain which is the pain referred by another muscle. The remedial massage specialist is trained to ensure that proper diagnosis of the underlying problem takes place. A very good holistic practitioner that can apply these techniques is Healed by Hands – a remedial massage in Sydney, Australia.

Remedial massage benefits

There are several benefits of remedial massage which is able to treat a number of stress and pain related conditions. Do you experience sudden inefficiency in movement when you suddenly stand up from your desk after a long time? Has stress occurred to you a number of times leaving your feeling helpless? Remedial massage has all the answers to these problems that believe in not only treating the condition but discovering the underlying issue as well.

Pain relief

Massage does wonders in treating all kinds of pain and with a remedial nature it works to relief several body aches. When the body is massaged, muscles are directly benefited that reduces the discomfort you might be undergoing. Muscle groups are rubbed by the therapist in smooth movements so that they relax and loosen up. It onsets the feeling of relaxation with stress levels dropping drastically. In fact, remedial massage is much better than medicines.

Heals injuries

Remedial massage is the ideal treatment to healing injuries. It helps relax muscle groups while making joints flexible. It helps loosen scar tissues thus causing muscles to heal quickly. Just a few minutes of massage and you will be able to feel the difference the effect has on your body. Joints tend to loosen and pain ebbs away slowly. Muscle lubrication occurs and the person can thus move much freely after each session. Remedial massage helps the body to flush away all toxins. Flow of blood circulation improves in the area that greatly reduces pain and swelling.

Of course the massage therapist should be professional with complete knowledge about the various massage therapies involved in improving human anatomy and physiology.

Remedial massage: Treatment conditions

Remedial massage effectively treats a number of ailments and conditions.


Remedial massage shows positive improvement on arthritis. A painful and difficult condition to live with arthritis can be effectively treated in such a way so that it eases tension in the muscle groups, reduces swelling and improves blood circulation.

Tennis elbow

Trigger point or muscle knots is the primary cause of lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow. Massage therapists usually focus on a specific neck muscle, which is a hyperirritable spot. Generally the bone structure on the outside of the elbow is the point where all muscles converge. The muscle is pressed for a specific time period and is a more permanent relief from tennis elbow.

Muscular spasms

Remedial massage helps ease tension and relieve muscle groups to reduce pain and swelling and to promote healing.

Neck and back pain

Aches and pain from cumulative stress limits mobility considerably from the discomfort endured. Remedial massage is a natural way to resolve the agonizing pain in the neck and back.

Jaw pain

Remedial massage is a specific technique that can effectively impact on jaw pain. The treatment usually works to release muscle groups both on the inside and outside the jaw.

Muscle cramps

Muscle cramps can be ideally treated by the holistic remedial massage that works deep into the muscle tissue while relieving pain gently.

Plantar fasciitis

Swelling and injury of the jogger’s heal or plantar fasciitis is a disorder that causes pain in heal or bottom of the foot. The therapist kneads the muscle groups and helps reducing pain.



It affects the hip, back and spinal cord in lower back that remedial massage aids in improving.

Research and studies

Remedial massage studies show how the holistic treatment can manipulate soft tissues. The research has bought together manual therapy practitioners, health professionals, educators, and more. The treatment uses lubricants and movements according to the response acquired from the client’s condition. The healing process starts from the basic cellular level while repairing and restoring the overall health of the person.

Pressure is applied on the soft muscle tissues performed by a professional therapist to relieve muscular and cellular disorders. It has often been successful in cases where other massage types have not benefited the patient. Deep tissue massages encourage complete healing and not just relaxing the patient. The intention is to discover the underlying problem and treat from the core rather than just provide temporary relief.


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