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Saving Your Dog – 4 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Saving Your Dog – 4 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

As the weather kicks up a notch, the natural tendency for most people is to get everyone out of the house, pets included. The truth is, spending more time outdoors can be an incredible source of exercise, fun and sunrays. However, it is important to be aware of heat exhaustion when it comes to your dog. This is because it can leave drastic and negative effects on them.
Fur is of great help during winter. Nevertheless, it can make it difficult to manage the summer’s heat. Normally, dogs dissipate heat through panting. They pant more quickly as they try to maintain a safe internal temperature.
To save your dog from a harsh summer, the following tips will come in handy:
Get the details
Dogs and pets in general are affected by excess heat in two main areas. One of these areas is the upper respiratory system. The other is the hyperthermia system. The latter occurs when the dog is trapped in an overwhelming environment, which undermines their ability to cool themselves.
Dogs with compromised upper airways have a hard time removing excess heat in their bodies. In an attempt to cool their bodies, dogs end up generating more heat through exertion. Because of this, your dog can fall victim to heat stroke.
To reduce chances of heat stroke occurring, be on the lookout for symptoms such as labored breathing, excessive panting, increased respiratory and heat rate, drooling and mild weakness.
Beat the sun
During summer, you will notice your dog preferring to lay on cool surfaces. This is an indication that he or she is feeling the heat intensity. During this season save your outdoor time with the dog for late evenings or early mornings. Take your dog for a walk before the sun gets really hot. At this time, the dog will have easy time breathing and the surface or ground will be cooler hence will not harm their paws. You can find more about dogs on Primp Play.


Find some shade
Is it midday and the sun is extremely hot? If you and your dog find yourself out when the sun is excessively hot, keep him or her out of direct sunlight. Give the dog a shady place to shield them from the harsh sun. Always remember that your dog never wears shoes. Consequently, the pads of the paws can easily get burnt while walking across particularly hot surfaces like asphalt or sand. If the weather outside is extremely warm, make sure you keep them indoors as much as you can.
Leave Fido and Fluffy at Home
One of the most classic mistakes most dog owners make is leaving their pets inside a closed car on very sunny, hot days. It is obvious that during summer, temperatures in the car are way above 140 degrees F. The high temperatures can cause serious problems to your dog. So what is the takeaway? If it is hot outside, refrain from leaving them inside the car. This will save them from panting and other issues.


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