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Surprising Eco-friendly Facts About Wood Flooring

Surprising Eco-friendly Facts About Wood Flooring

Wooden floors are so beautiful on their own that they don’t require the use of carpets. They add a stylish look to rooms themselves. They have many advantages as in they can be cleaned with ease, much easier than carpets indeed, and they don’t trap dirt and bacteria like carpets. As it turns out, wood floors have another huge plus – they are nature-friendly. There are a few surprising eco-friendly facts about wood flooring that you should know about. Check them out.

Thermal Qualities

Some wood floors have insulating properties. Take for instance cork. It has thermal qualities and is often used for insulation. If you have never thought about isolating your floors, take the time to consider this. It is common for people to isolate their ceilings and walls, but only a few of them know that floors can be and should be insulated. That way you will reduce energy consumption. It’s worth considering.

Reduces Energy Consumption

If you use bare wood floors, you can limit the amount of energy consumption by vacuuming less often. Even better, you can ditch the vacuum cleaner and use a mop and brush to get rid of dirt and grime. That way, you don’t have to use any electricity at all. If you choose not to have carpets, you’ll skimp on expensive carpet cleaning equipment. Wood floors tolerate spills and don’t require deep cleaning.


One of the best materials for wood floors is cork. It is a completely environment-friendly and sustainable material. It is harvested from Cork Oak and has many uses, including in musical instruments, wine bottles, cricket balls and baseballs, etc. It is common with wood flooring as well. It’s great for thermal insulation in facades, ceilings, floors, and house walls. Due to its structure and texture, it’s not flammable. Another plus is that cork is absolutely non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Yet one of the best things about cork is that it is renewable. Hence, cork floors have many advantages. First off, they can be installed very easily. Second, they can be assembled onto existing flooring. Next, cork extraction is not harmful for trees. It also works well on uneven surfaces. Not to mention, it has insulating properties. Last but not least, cork flooring performs well under bulky and heavy furniture.


The greatest thing about wood flooring according to builders from London is that it’s long lasting. You can extend its lifespan a great deal by sanding and refinishing every few years. A simple sanding process can bring back to life an old and worn wood floor. If you are skilled enough and fully acquainted with all the stages, you can get the job done yourself. If not, there are hundreds of contractors out there that offer affordable sanding solutions. You will surely find one in your area. Considering that you don’t need to re-sand too often, you can save bucks on maintenance and your floors will still look at their best. The fact that wood is long-lasting also means that less wood will be required to meet your needs in the course of time.

Easily Recycled

When their useful life is over, wooden floors can be reused in other ways or recycled with ease. There are household recycling centers in almost every neighborhood and it just takes some effort and desire to take your wood items there and have them recycled. That way you will do good to nature and to yourself. What goes around comes around, remember?

Did you know these facts? Are there any other surprising facts about wood floors that you

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