Vegan Pregnancy Week 4

Hello, beautiful mamas,
I can’t remember ever feeling so sick in my life. I know it is all part of the normal hormonal changes, but this time I am feeling it full blast.
Whit my previous pregnancies I haven’t had such long phases of nausea and dizziness. But every pregnancy is different so the best I can do is simply take one day at the time and do my best to cope with it.
This week I have been actively eating as much spinach as I possibly can simply because it’s in season and it’s full with iron(vital for any pregnant mama,) and folate , which is also vital for a healthy baby. If you seen your midwife or GP already you might have been offered to supplement your diet with iron, folic acid or may be both.
Personally I prefer natural sources as I believe they are better absorbed by your body and it is very easy to include most foods in your diet anyway.
Most days I would eat raw spinach nicely chopped in my salad with lots of other nice vegetables, but every now and again I would cook a nice curry with it. Put lots of spinach of you cook it as it literally disappears into this tasty thick sauce, that you would love with a bowl of rice for your dinner. Spinach is the ultimate pregnancy super food. Enjoy it.
For most mornings I tend to feel like I am just about to be sick, but never really get to that stage. I find eating certain things to help, so my advice would be just try to eat or drink different things and find what makes you feel the best and eases the discomfort.
I start most of my days with a half of cucumber. The cold, sweet and crunchy refreshing taste and texture are great. Then after a while I move on to carbs and would eat some kind of bread with more salad and hummus and sometimes beetroot. By lunchtime the worst of my morning sickness is gone, but shortly after lunch I tend to get another phase which I soothe with water and eating roasted almonds.
I would be so glad when this sick phase is over, but I am feeling so happy about this little baby growing inside me. There is no words to express how much I can not stop thinking about this little baby.
“Craving” of this week is sparkling elderflower drink in this beautiful green bottle. I love the sparkly sweet and flowery taste.Taking small sips of this cold and refreshing drink is very pleasant and I love it. I can not stress enough how important is to not suppress anything that you feeling right now. I cry almost every day ever since I am pregnant. I don’t feel very much like myself in a way, but it is still me.
Overall this week I feel sick, happy. dizzy and grateful.
Be well,
Lots of love,
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