5 Ways To Deal With Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

This is my forth pregnancy but I have never suffered so much with morning sickness. It is that unmistakable feeling that you get and it only happens when you are pregnant. I used to get very short morning sickness with my boys and then I was able to get on with my day without any disruption. It was like I wasn’t pregnant until I started to show.
But this time I feel completely different. So in the first few weeks of my pregnancy I have found some ways to deal with nausea and discomfort, that work most of the time and make my day bearable.
Today I am in week 10 and this morning I woke up feeling really sick. I am very hopeful, that by the end of this month morning sickness will be all forgotten, but for now I have to deal with it.
morning sickness
First of all I like to say to myself. Relax, you are not the only person that is going through this, there are millions of women that have been and will go through this stage of pregnancy, so just take one day at the time.
Remember it is only normal to feel morning sickness when you are pregnant. Your hormones are working overtime and that is the main reason you experience nausea. You might also experience vomiting but not all nausea is accompanied by it.
There is no magic pill apart from time and most women stop having morning sickness by the end of week 14.
1.Take a deep breath. I know it sounds very trivial, but a few deep breaths always help to ease the discomfort. If you can open the window and simply enjoy a few minutes of deep breathing. Some people also recommend using essential oils like peppermint, ginger or lemon balm. I personally tried to use ginger, but in fact made me feel just as sick as it is very strong.
2.Eat something. Most times I manage to suppress the sick feeling with a handful with home made roasted salty or sweet/cinnamon almonds. I have become a master of making them as I find them very good fix when I feel sick. Having said that , this might not be your thing. Try eating different things to find you magic food.
3.Eat often. Small and nicely balanced meals help me during the day.I would normally avoid any form of overeating as this triggers my sickness. I make myself nice big bowl with salad, and I would add some kind of beans( for protein), some kind of seeds, mostly hemp and flax seeds for Omega 3 and also lemon juice to absorb the iron better. Rice and potatoes, pita bread, all sorts of fresh sweet fruit are perfect.
4.Take your mind of it. The more I think how sick I feel, the sicker I get. Ring your friend and start asking them questions without mentioning how sick you feel. I am amazed sometimes how taking the focus of myself gives me incredible energy and I do feel better from it.
5.Rest before you get tired This is not always possible. I know exactly how it’s like running after the kids, getting things organized, cooking and whatever elese you have going on. neverthe less, I make sure I use every opportunity to rest. Decide what your priorities are. Once the kids have had their dinner and most of their homework done there is no need for me to stay and polish the kitchen. If I have been working all day I would fill the dishwasher and leave everything else for another time.
Thank you very much for stopping by. Please feel free to leave me a comment with your ideas of how to deal with morning sickness.
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