Vegan Pregnancy Weeks 5-7

Hello Beautiful Mamas,

how exciting it is to be pregnant.

The whole thing about pregnancy can be described in almost one simple word “Patience”.
There is no other time in woman’s life when she has to wait while she is getting on with the rest of her daily routines, tasks and happenings.

The major changes these days are that all of my trousers are now getting quite tight on me. If you have been pregnant before, like myself, you are very likely to show a lot earlier as your body is adjusting a lot faster. I feel very well once the morning sickness and it’s after lunch outbursts are gone. I spend a lot of time simply relaxing and reading my Kindle.

I have decided to the best of my ability not to respond to negativity and avoid stress. Nothing drains me more than feeling resentful and negative. Those two emotions can be avoided and replaced with sometimes a simple conversation or a doing your best to look at things from a different perspective.

The weather, even though is late spring now is showing very little sings of us having a heat wave any time soon, but I use every chance to get a little sunlight on my face and hands.

I have been eating lots and lots of variety of fruits and vegetables. The other day I made this very simple salad with cannellini beans, tomato , cucumber, spring onion, parsley, spinach and lemon juice dressing. It went really nicely with this fried bread. I love frying the bread in olive oil and lemon juice. The flavours are fantastic and work well together.


I sleep quite well and get up easily to get my boys for school. This week I have been eating sweet and juicy peaches for breakfast. I love having them after they have been sitting on the window seal in the kitchen and they are nice and ripe. I also enjoyed melons but they will taste even better in a few more weeks. Some juicy fruits with a handful of your favourite nuts makes a really nice and easy breakfast. There is not cooking involved and there is plenty of variety at this time of the year.

Overall main focus in term of food has been to eat as much whole foods as possible and special focus on seeds, leafy greens and beans. My appetite is changing all the time but I guess that is only normal my baby grows bigger and bigger.

Most afternoons I make a point to take a cat nap. These few minutes of sleep help me to feel very energetic in the evening. Now my boys’s homework are getting less and less since it’s the last few weeks before the summer holidays we have even more time to be out and enjoy the evening sun whenever there is any.

Overall I am coping with my sickness and counting the days.

I also made my first appointment with my midwife so that would be an interesting thing as well. I so hope that I would get the same wonderful lady that I got the last time.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog post.

Be well,

Lots of love,


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