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Toxic cleaning ingredients to avoid

Toxic cleaning ingredients to avoid


Maintaining your home always clean requires constant cares. The disinfection of your real estate property seems impossible without the various expensive cleaning products, which the shops offers. Unfortunately, most people don’t even realise how dangerous they can be for their health and the health of their families. Except that they have a strong smell, which is often even unpleasant, they are also filled with different toxic chemicals. Even though they are capable of removing stubborn stains and grime, they can also affect your health and make you feel sick. In order to protect yourself and your family from the negative effect of those chemicals, the best thing you can do is to avoid cleaning supplies which contain a lot of them or start making your own eco disinfecting products.



Big part of the indoor air pollution comes precisely from the variety of store-bought cleaning supplies, which every household needs. You probably think that you won’t be able to disinfect the different premises of your real estate property without the polishers, detergents and various other products you buy constantly. The truth is that there is also another alternative, which will allow you to maintain your home always in top condition without risking your health. Here are some of the dangerous chemicals you should look out for:


  • Methylene chloride – The Methylene chloride is a well-known human carcinogen, which can be found mostly in paint strippers. So, the next time you decide to repaint one of the rooms of your home or a particular object in your real estate property, it is best to look at the label of the products that you plan to buy. It will be certainly hard to find supplies, which are entirely eco-friendly but it is definitely worth trying.


  • Ammonia – Th Ammonia usually can be found in the different commercial cleaning products which the shops offer. Unfortunately, this is an extremely dangerous chemical which could cause unpleasant reactions like chest pains, breathing difficulty, lung damage and even heart attack. Not to mention, that there is always a big risk for the health of your kids when you buy cleaning supplies that contain this ingredient.


  • Toluene – The Toluene is used in all kinds of products as a solvent, including paint supplies. It has been proven that this toxin can be extremely dangerous for pregnant women, and more precisely for the safe developing of the fetus. In case you plan to repaint your baby’s room or another room of your home during your pregnancy, it is best to leave that to the professionals or to one of your relatives are advising you from CleanersLondon Tottenham


  • Bleach – Probably every family uses Bleach at home, whether it is for the disinfection of the bathroom or some other part of the property. Usually, you can find this chemical in the special toilet bowl cleaners that the shops offer. In case the Bleach is mixed with another acid, it forms a dangerous chlorine gas which you can inhale while cleaning. That’s why it is best to find an eco alternative to the Bleach, so that you can disinfect your toilet and other parts of the home without worrying about your health.

 Toxic cleaning ingredients to avoid

Those are only four of the many toxic cleaning ingredients it is best to avoid for your family’s sake. Before you go to the shop again to buy the usual cleaning supplies, better decide to try something else. For the disinfection of your kitchen and other important areas you can just mix white vinegar and water in a bucket. This eco solution will effectively remove all microbes and grime without endangering your health or the health of the other members of your family.



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