Very happy and proud birthday boy :-) with his brothers
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What is a perfect summer

Another school year is over. It is time to put all the school uniforms away and leave the dilemmas about packed lunches for another time. It is great. I love the feeling, that everybody can do whatever they want, sleep when ever they want and wear whatever they want. It makes so much sense to let people be and it also gives me a brake from the forced routine of school hours .

I love it when my boys are at home. It makes it all perfect.  As there won’t be long sunny days and    heat waves for sure summer in Northern Ireland has different measurements. In this part of the world if you want to get real summer you have to travel to it . In the last few weeks it has been nothing but rain and yesterday Belfast got flooded  with historical rainfall. But then “hello” , this is normal for this part of the world.

What makes it a perfect summer? perfect summer

Perfect summer is a relaxed and peaceful house and everybody is content. It also means loving the fact that we do not need to know what time it is or have to be somewhere at a certain time. It means meal times are very flexible and so as bed times.

Means everybody playing happily when it’s raining and cooperating with each other.

Perfect summer means to be spontaneous every day and go for a drive or a day trip without any planning. Just go.

Perfect summer means celebrating every day in it’s special way. Having no agenda and no routine are reasons to be happy anyway.

Today is Stellios’s birthday and we had a great day. Since I let the birthday person  decide everything from what to eat to where to go in the last year or so birthdays have been real treat for all of us. It is lovely to see my boys being in charge. Today we even managed to play some cricket in the park, just before the rain. Here is a photo of a very proud birthday boy, making a wish and getting ready to  blow the candles.

Very happy and proud birthday boy :-) with his brothers
Very happy and proud birthday boy 🙂 with his brothers

So here it is for Stellios and a happy good summer.I do hope, that we will get a good bit of sunshine at some point  and will be able to enjoy it . Hope everybody will continue learning and creating  with a lot of inspiration and passion.


Sending blessings and love

P.S This is day 50 of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 186  days left of 2012.

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