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Listen to your body-the time is now

Your body is talking to you all the time.

Are you listening to what signs your body is giving you? It is very easy to cover it up with a sweet snack or by watching a movie, but it does’t make it go away.

You body is a miracle machine, that knows exactly how to heal itself and make itself better.Most of the processes in your body are happening without you having to consciously think the individual steps. If you want to sit down-you just sit down. You do not say to yourself-now I am gonna bend my knees first and so on…


Say for an example you prick your finger on a rose thorn.You will feel a sharp pain for a second or two. This pain is just a signal, that your skin is broken.  This  message then is  send directly to your brain and that  instantly starts the process of healing.

You do not have to consciously  think about it. It just happens and within hours your finger is better and by the next day you have completely forgotten about it.You body has done all the work so you can get on with anything else.rose prick


What happens when there is a bigger pain, or as they call a condition in your body -a chronic diseases, which the conventional  medicine treats as incurable? It means you have ignored your body’s conversations with you for a very long time and possibly pretending  that you can not do anything about it.

You and your body have a special relationship. It is as special as the one with your heart, as your heart is a part of your body, but it also has a” true heart “in it.

Put it like this- your body has a  brain within, which talks to you . Look at your eyes if you haven’t got enoght sleep for a few nights on a row. Under your eyes  you will notice a different color. Now look at your eyes after a week of restfull sleep , look at the sparkle in your eyes. You know how it feels, don’t you.

I am sure you got my point by now. Listen to your body before it’s too late. If you ask me it is never too late , unless you are dead(I normaly do not use words like “dead”, but I am making an exeption here, just to make it clear how  important it is to listen to your body).
listen to your body
When you are just about to take a  bite of your next  meal :Ask yourself? “Am I really hungry or did I just tell myself that it’s time to eat?” What  am I avoiding to deal with ?  When you  feel ,like that there isn’t enough hours in the days ask yourself: “Can I take a day off?” .

The time is now. Listen to your body. It’s never too late.

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