Great news for the Virgin Media TiVo subscribers in the UK, as they announce their partnership with one of the most esteemed names in British Cinema, Curzon Cinema. The deal between the two companies is marked with the launch of the independent Curzon Home Cinema App for all the Virgin Media TiVo subscribers in the UK. For those who don’t know much about Curzon Cinema, they are the oldest chain of cinema halls and theaters in the UK, with most of their buildings based in London. Since the opening of their first theater in 1934, Curzon cinema became a household name for showcasing Art House films.


Curzon Cinemas have 10 Cinema halls across several places in the UK and 9 franchised locations. In its new deal, Curzon has agreed to offer its video on demand service to Virgin Media TiVo subscribers. This would allow all viewers to enjoy a complete list of independent films, as soon they are released in the theaters. Apart from the latest movies, the viewers can also watch an extensive collection of classics as compiled by Curzon Cinemas.


As the customer’s growing reliance of the Video on demand platform is becoming more and more evident, several broadband TV and DHT service providers in the UK are partnering up with VOD services. The latest merger between Vodafone and Netflix in Spain has also exemplified the demand for the VOD platform. With its collaboration with Curzon Cinemas, Virgin certainly seeks to explore this new market demand in the UK. (For more information about Virgin TiVo or Virgin Media call 0844 324 0466).


The move by Virgin has been described by analysts as its attempt to retain control in the UK markets against its competitors. This will not only seek to enhance the viewer’s experience but also to gain new customers through providing the latest releases. The service will be available as ‘watch as you pay’ and once the payment for the video is made, the movie can be viewed simultaneously on different platforms and devices. Pause and resume on another device feature also aims to enhance the viewing experience.


The Amazing New X Factor App by Talk Talk

Talk Talk TV has been known for creating new apps and connecting to the audience in the most unique ways. This time Talk Talk TV launches a new app called BopHeads. BopHeads is an app that is targeted to bring the fans of X-Factor closer than they have ever been to the show.


The app allows you to make idents generated by the fans. The app for now contains three songs which include Little Mix’s ‘Black Magic’, new single of John Newman’s ‘Come and Get It’ and, Mark Morrison’s ‘Return of the Mack’ if you want to get tuned up to the retro beats. But in the course of time five more tracks of different styles are going to be added. The TV team has collaborated with top directors who have already worked with the celebs like Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris and Jessie J to produce videos where the fans can take up the center stage. All one needs to do is to lip sync the songs and then to superimpose their head on the people in the choreographed video that is available on the app. The video could be created in one go or by combining different shots. The best lip-synced videos would be shown on TV during the commercial breaks in between the show. The show will be telecasted on Saturday and Sunday evenings. (To know more about the app, call on Talk Talk helpline number 0844 324 0501)

There are about 160 spots for grab to be on TV in your own video. Apart from getting featured the fans will also win free-passes to come on the show. The app would be available for download on iOS, Android and desktop from 29th August onwards and will continue till December, till the season of the show comes to an end. Also one can share videos with friends and families with this app.

As the production team says that this has been a glib approach for interacting with the fans on more connected level. Simon Cowell mentions that Talk Talk always does something substantial that adds value and life to the show. This app has also been an unusual campaign and will help in drawing a lot more audience to watch the show.

There are countless reasons why you might need to see a professional chiropractor in Colorado Springs. As well as the most obvious reasons like back and  neck pain,chiropractors can help you with headaches,sciatica, allergies, pregnancy, asthma,whiplash and so on.

The true benefits of Chiropractic treatment are wide and vary from person to person, but in it’s core it brings balance to your body, mind and soul. Brain, spinal cord and all the nerves control all of you. When nerve interference is present in the body you could experience a various discomforts, pain and disbalances. Chiropractor’s job is to help you remove the interferences so your body can function fully and properly. 

Meet Dr. Michael Schuneman, DC is a professional chiropractor in Colorado Springs.

Dr. Michael Schuneman

He started Life Symmetry Chiropractic in 2012. In addition to running an active chiropractic practice, Dr. Schuneman also researches and writes on a variety of health topics and regularly gives health talks in the community. He is committed to bringing better health and a better way of life to his patients by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care.


You can get in touch with Life Symmetry Chiropractic here-one of the professional chiropractors in Colorado Springs.


The first thing to expect once you have decided to seek help from a chiropractor is that you would need to be seen for an initial appointment.

During this time you would be examined and asked questions about your medical history This first initial appointment is with a great importance. As well as your full history you would receive full examination including orthopaedic, chiropractic and neurological testing. The main purpose of this test is to determine if you have what is called “subluxations“-nerve interference related to the ability of your body to adapt,repair and regenerate. 


Subluxations are described as a dysfunction in one or more of your joints in your spine and that is what causes an interference to your nervous system. This interference could have a wide range of effects which might include pain and organ dysfunction. The purpose of the chiropractic sessions is to help your body remove the subluxations and help your body heal itself. By removing the stresses caused by a various elements and conditions your body have the amazing ability to heal itself.

Expect that you might not get an adjustment during your first visit. Depending on your circumstances and situation you might need further examinations and even an x-ray. If nothing further is required you might receive an  adjustment during your first visit. Your chiropractor will make an informed decision if this is possible during the consultation. 

professional chiropractor in Colorado Springs

The actual adjustment might take only a few minutes to perform, but remember that your body will continue healing hours, days and sometimes weeks after that. By removing the nervous interference the chiropractic professional has created an environment where your body can heal.

Visiting a professional chiropractor in Colorado Springs has never been easier. To make your first visit easier and make you feel as comfortable as possible the team at Life Symmetry Chiropractic  has made it possible for you to download some forms for you to fill up. This would save you time and energy and it would help your doctor to find the best way to help you.Click here to get in touch. 

professional chiropractor in Colorado Springs

For further information please get in touch with Life Symmetry Chiropractor. Get Well and Stay Well. 

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