The Science of Sleep – What is it all about?

The Science of Sleep – What is it all about?

We spend a third of our lives doing it, and a large proportion of our lives talking about it. We either have too much or too little, substituting it with caffeine and cookies, and it can either get us off to a great day or define it as a bit of a downer. Yes; sleep really is an important part of our lives. But what is ‘sleep’? What does it mean? And why is it necessary? We probe a little deeper to find our more…

First things first; why do we sleep?
It might surprise you, but it is a question that has baffled scientists for centuries. The truth of the matter is – no one is really sure. Some believe it is a chance to recuperate from your daily activities – though the amount of energy saved in eight hours of sleep is only 50kCal – equivalent to a single custard cream. We do however need to sleep to maintain normal levels of cognitive skills (speech, memory, and ‘thinking’), so at best, we know it plays a significant role in our brain development.

the science of sleep

So, what would happen if we didn’t sleep?
Whilst we don’t fully understand the ‘why’, the impact of what happens when we do not sleep is clear.
If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter or suffer from bouts of insomnia, you would be familiar with the grumpy, groggy, and irritable feelings that ensue. Our concentration levels are lowered, and with 17 hours of sustained wakefulness your body is functioning similarly to a blood alcohol level of 0.05% (two glasses of wine – the legal drink driving limit in the UK). Lack of sleep has also been attributed to a lack of rational judgment and penned to disasters such as Chernobyl and the Challenger shuttle explosion.
On top of the mental and emotional affects, lack of sleep affects our physical health – attributing to high stress levels, high blood pressure and weight gain.

Suffice to say – sleep is pretty crucial in our lives.

What happens when we sleep?
When we get our heads down for a bit of shut eye, we actually go through two phases of sleep, REM (Rapid eye movement) and non REM; both are split into further sub categories:

Non REM:

  • Stage One: Light Sleep

This is the stage where you are half awake and half asleep. Expect some slight twitching as our muscle activity slows down, and as it is very light sleep – we can be awakened very easily.

  • Stage two: True Sleep

Breathing patterns and heart rates start to slow down.

  • Stage three and four: Deep Sleep

During stage three, the brain produces high amplitude and low frequency brain waves, with breathing and heart rates and their lowest levels.

  • Stage four is then characterized by rhythmic breathing and limited muscle activity. Waking at this stage can result in grogginess and a few minutes for your body/mind to adjust. It is also the time that night terrors, bed wetting or sleepwalking can occur.


  • We have around three to five REM episodes of sleep per night. Although we aren’t conscious, the brain is incredibly active – even more so than when we are awake. This is the time when most dreams occur. Our eyes dart round (giving REM its name) and our breathing and blood pressure rise, though our bodies are effectively ‘paralysed’ thought to prevent us from acting out our dreams.

The cycle between REM and Non REM continue to repeat several times through the night until naturally (or unnaturally, due to alarm clocks!) waking.

How much sleep do we need?
Like most things in life, the amounts of anything we need; it can vary from person to person. People like to spend anywhere between 5-11 hours in bed, the right time to ensure they are wide awake for the day ahead. Even animals have varied sleep needs; with Pythons opting for a snooze-fest of 18 hours a day, with a Giraffe only getting around 2!

Written by Sarah Mitchell. Sarah is a freelance writer writing for with a passion for interior design, mental health and always on the look out for her next challenge.

An Overview On Important Environment Laws Which Protect The Natural Environs

An Overview On Important Environment Laws Which Protect The Natural Environs
The Endangered Species Act is a significant law in the environment history. This law has been able to stop extinction of various kinds of animals. Tribes, local communities and states are working towards conservation solutions which work towards saving endangered species. Last year there were 20154 species across the world which was endangered. 58 species are no longer in the list. These statistics reveal that there has been a positive impact of the law. The success rate of the law has been high. With a regulation on pesticides states have been able to save the Bald Eagle.
Protecting endangered species
The Endangered Species Act is one of the most stringent statutes which has been implemented. This Act can impede both private and federal projects if they threaten the endangered species and the environment. The main focus of the law is to allow developments which take place with the species being protected. The Endangered Species Act is administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. One of the greatest advantages of the ESA is that it benefits people by maintaining healthy natural systems. ESA is one of the strongest and one of the most important federal laws which protects the life of plants and animals which are in peril.


Environment Laws
Implementation of Clean Water Act
Another environmental law which needs mention is the clean water act. Years ago the water was safe for fishing and swimming. But in recent timers most of the water bodies are contaminated. The Clean Water Act is one of the federal laws which protect the health of the nation’s water bodies. It takes into account the growing concern over water pollution. The main objective of this Law is to restore the water in the state. It strives to eliminate discharge of pollutants in the nation’s water and achieve higher quality level of water which makes it ideal for swimming and fishing.
Controlling water pollution
The Clean Water Act includes technical tools and financial assistance which is used to address causes of pollution and low water quality. It includes issues related to discharge of industrial wastewater polluted runoff from both urban and rural areas. According to the Clean Water Act most industries have to meet performance standards to ensure that pollution is controlled. According to this law states have to develop pollution control programs. Funds are provided to states and communities which help them to meet the clean water infrastructure needs.
About Clean Air Act
The Clean Air Act is a federal environment law which has been designed to control air pollution in the national level. Amendments in the law address problem related to acid rain, toxic air pollution and ozone depletion. The Act was one of the major environment laws in United States which has included a provision for citizen suits. Tis piece of legislation is aimed at reducing smog and air pollution. The new amendments in the law have established requirements for gasoline formation as well. Some pollution problems which have been addressed by the Act are acid rain, toxic air pollutants and chemical emissions which deplete the ozone layer.
Important objectives
The Clean Air Act also addresses the problems which are related to regional haze which impairs vision in also addresses greenhouse gases which have a negative impact on the environment. Some important objectives of the Clean Air Act are to reduce the concentration of air pollutants and reduce harmful emissions which can lead to harmful health problems. Another important objective is to phase out the production of chemicals which can destroy the ozone layer. With this act there has been a major change in the role of the government in air pollution control.
Author Bio: Kylie Denver is an environmentalist who feels that environment laws are very important. Read more about environment laws to gather more information on important issues.

Protect The Environment With Green Financing Option

Protect The Environment With Green Financing Option
Apart from saving the environment, there are some other ways as well, which you can try and get help of, when the main area of concern is related with eco-friendly options. A business can easily get boosted up, if you start implying the environment friendly option with the business platform. Not all the rules need to be online, as there are special norms, available offline, as well. There are different types of sustainable business ideas, which you can get, hold of, and those will range, from economic to ethical, simple to hard and also short term along with long term investment values.


green finance
Dealing with the green finance options
The field of green finance can be defined as a clearly new concept, which can easily help in boosting the present scenario of the environment, to an all new level. A proper step to preserve the plant can be stated as a blend of environment friendly procedures and finances. This finance statement is going to boost up the eco-friendly practices. Moreover, business can also cause damage to the ecological systems and you are asked to avoid those, which can offer some funds to the corporations, individuals to the small business. Majority of the projects are going to be funded of the on and off stores turbines, related with wind firms, setting up some of the leading solar panels associated with building and different other activities.
Finances related with individuals
The field of green finance is going to vary a lot and it solely deals with the rules, associated with either or organization or any of the individuals. These finances are solely offered in various types. Some of those are credit cards, saving accounts, insurance, funds and also the field of personal loans. These are going to help you with the highest form of interest rate, related on different deposits. Moreover, you can also try and go for the loans, associated with lower rate of interest, which are going to be levied and the individuals can even let out some discounts on various green initiatives.
Availing loans for other purposes
If you want, you can even land up with the loans, in case you intent to buy any sort of eco friendly or energy saving products, like hybrid cars or similar other vehicles, which can emit CO2 as less as possible along with any other greenhouse gasses. There are some special measures, related with the credit card holders, which can offer you with the discounts, when they can also purchase some eco-friendly products along with participation in any of the activities.
More about the public products
When compared with the individual finances, the finance related option for firms is almost 7 times higher than the usual scale. Finances, which you can avail from these companies, are public loans, ordinary loans, public fund, public guarantee and also public insurance. The financial institutions are also going to help you out with more than pubic products, which can be rather known as ordinary loans. These are available in fewer rates when compared with other forms of loans and those are again lower than the public products. Moreover, these programs are going to offer you with services from financial institutions like banks and also those firms, which have a proper startup base.
Some industries for application
There are some firms, which can help you with different credits, under the zone of green financing. Some of those credits are oversea investment, import, export and also there are similar other fields. There are some other industries, which can also help you in the best manner possible and those are related with the nuclear energy, and also the other fields of the green finance.

Author Bio: Mark Johnson is going to help you out with the finest possible option, under the zone of eco-friendly ways to save the environment. You will find more options from

Get In Touch With The Environment Friendly Movies To Start A New Surrounding

Get In Touch With The Environment Friendly Movies To Start A New Surrounding
When the main area of concern is related with movies, a person generally tries to get in touch with either action filled or romantic movies. Well, nobody seems to be attracted towards the nee theme on the run, which are the environmental ones. Surprisingly, the Hollywood directors seem to be a little laid down when it comes to environmental related themes. But, there are some noteworthy movies for you to get hold of, if you start scanning through the DVD shelves of the rental stores. There are some top movies, which comes up with some of the real problems along with the challenges, which are generally faced by the natural world.

emerald forest
Top environment friendly movies
There are some special environment related movies, which later became the talking point of among the masses. Among so many options available, listed below are some of the noteworthy examples to get hold of.

  • Silent Running: The movie is going to revolve around the predation of mankind, which ravaged the environment of the Earth to such a point, when the planet is not at all able to sustain the natural life form. The last forests are preserved in the geodesic domes, related with low maintenance vessels in an orbit, just around the Saturn.
  • Born Free: The movie is based on a true story and it was shot in Kenya. It follows the fortunes of George Adamson and Joy, when they plan to raise an orphaned lion cub, named Elsa. Finally, after raising the lion up, they let her g back to her forest life. This movie can be stated as  a heart warming movie, where you will get to come in touch with some harsher realities, too.
  • Soylent Green: This movie can be defined as the excellent dystopian feature, made by none other than Charlton Heston. This story is based on the prophetic novel of Harry Harrison, “Make Room! Make Room!”, where the Earth is all set to get destroyed due to global warming. Crops are failing at large scale and mass starvation is just knocking at the doors.
  • Pom Poko: This can be defined as a Japanese animated movie, which can be stated as a movie, ahead of its time. There are thousands of environment friendly themes and messages, which you can get after coming through the movie. This movie was inspired by the massive postwar deforestation experience, which was the latest news in Tokyo.
  • The Emerald Forest: This story is also based on a true story and the film solely focuses towards deforestation. The story is going to portray a life of an engineer, whose son will be kidnapped by a tribe and will be raised as one of them. On the other hand, the distraught father will search for his son frantically. This story will show how the tribes are forced to live their natural livelihood in order to come in terms with the modern civilization.
  • The Last Winter: Here, an American oil company is going to try and construct an ice road in the plane of northern Alaska. This is going to hamper the impacts of the climatic changes on a serious note and this will steadily eat away the integrity, once related with the ancient ice. This movie is going to talk about the green wash of the undertakings, related with environmental issues.

These are some of the most deserving names, when the main area of concern is related with environment theme based movies. These are a must watch for young and old, alike. Moreover, the cinematography will surely attract the people for a second round  as well.
Author Bio: Jacob Fernandez is a renowned name, when the main area of concern is related with top Hollywood movies, with an environment based theme. Look for these movies at a TV Near You.

Reliable Tips And Advices Related With Eco Friendly Home Security

Reliable Tips And Advices Related With Eco Friendly Home Security
Buying a home is not always the end of a story. There are some security measures, which you have to take care of, in order to get in terms with the best possible secured lifestyle for both your family members and also yourself. Modern technical advancements can help you to get hold of the finest possible option, when the main area of concern is related with security services. However, you can try and go for some special eco friendly tips, which will help you to safeguard your home when you are not around and at the same time, can look after the surrounding environment. The tips are quite handy and at the same time, very easy to follow.
Following eco friendly home security tips and advices
There are some special steps, which you are asked to follow in order to safeguard your home, when you are not around. If you can follow the eco-friendly measures of doing the same, it means you are not only safeguarding your place but the surrounding environment, as well.home security

  • Saving energy can be defined as a perfect way to protect your house. Thus, the best way to save energy and also shrink the footprint is by powering down the thermostat. Some products have programmable options like away and vacation, which can make your tasks way easier to follow.
  • Turning down the AC only will not help you to save energy. You are asked to power down each and every corner of your house when you are not around in order to cut back the power consumption bills. These will also help you to cut down the footprints, too.
  • Reduction of waste can be another important way for you to lead a hygienic life. Do not fill up your cans, and leave the place, when you are not around. You are asked to take simple measures and make sure you have emptied the cans, before you start your journey. This will help you to prevent any stinking smell, when you return from your long or short vacation. Free your kitchen from any product, which you might think can get spoil when you are not around.
  • Nothing can be the worst scenario rather than coming back home to any sort of water, heat or mold damage in your room. You can also prevent any sort of unfriendly welcome, by taking few simple and easy precautionary steps, even before you plan to hit the road.
  • You can try and go for the eco-friendly options, as well. For that, you can leave few lights and turn on the radio in order to make other feel that you are still present, even if you are not. Set timers on the energy bulbs to let the bulb go on and off at regular intervals, like you have wanted. You can even connect the outdoor lights, associated with the motion sensor, which can ward off many sorts of potential prowlers.
  • You can try and go for the tips, related with the internet browsing. Therefore, you can try and go for the tips and advices, which are related with the zone of safety measures, associated with your place, even when you are not around.

Last but not the least
There are so many eminent points, which you want to get hold of, while planning to safeguard your home, when you are out on vacation. Moreover, there are some special tips, which will be provided to you by none other than expert players, in this field. On the other hand, you can even start implying all the points mentioned above, for a practical demo.

Author Bio: Peter Parker can help you to know more about the tips and advices, which are eco friendly in nature and can also safeguard your surrounding environment. You can get the best tips and advices from

Are You New to Juicing? Avoid these 6 Mistakes

Are You New to Juicing? Avoid these 6 Mistakes
When I started juicing, I made these mistakes that I could have avoided had I did more research before dropping in the first stalk of celery into my juicer. Avoiding these mistakes could save you time and money as you’ll find out. Also, some of these mistakes are life threatening so this is serious stuff.
Juicing has seen an uptick in popularity the past few years because of social media and celebrities endorsing it but don’t think that this is just for the rich and famous because when done right, even an ordinary person such as me can enjoy a glass of fresh juice each and every day.

juicing mistakes
Mistake number #1: Not Pre Cutting
The first time I used a vertical slow juicer, I juiced celery and didn’t chop it into smaller pieces, the result? It clogged the pulp ejection port so I had to disassemble and unclogged all the fibrous strands in there which took around 15 minutes.
It was time consuming and could have been avoided if I had pre-cut it into smaller eight inch pieces.
Not only celery but other fibrous vegetables like kale and spinach SHOULD BE chopped to avoid clogging. This is one of the biggest complaints by consumers who used this type of juicer for the first time and could be avoided by using this technique.
Mistake #2: Buying Too Much Produce All at Once
I bought 5 pounds worth of carrots because it seemed to be cheaper at that time but by day 5, a lot of them have rotted. Now, I don’t add a lot of carrots in my juice, maybe around one or two per recipe depending on the other ingredients available but my point here is, buy only the ingredients you’ll use for a week… tops.
Buying by bulk only if you’re on a juice fast because you’ll be making large batches of juice but if you’re not juice fasting then avoid buying large quantities as a lot of them will just rot or won’t be as fresh as you’ll want them to be.
Mistake #3: Buying Non-Organic Celery
I have nothing against non-organic produce, in fact I used a lot of non-organic produce in juicing but when it comes to celery, I find that using organic celery produces the best results not only taste wise but also in terms of nutrition.
Non-organic celery tends to be limp, compared to organic celery, and limp produce will not juice as well as firm ones.
Celery was identified by as one of the dirty dozen by If you’re curious what the dirty dozen is, these are the 12 fruits and vegetables that have the most pesticide content in them.
If you’re not using organic produce, make sure to wash and rinse them thoroughly to remove every last bit of pesticide.
Mistake #4: Combining Ingredients Haphazardly
One time while concocting my own recipe, I combined orange and mustard leaves. Big mistake, it tasted like a liquid wasabi and I almost threw up.
Not wanting to waste the drink, I slowly drank it but the moral of the lesson is, if you’re new to juicing, avoid concocting your own recipes but use tried and tested recipes like Joe Cross’ “Mean Green Juice”, there are tons of recipes available online for beginners up to hardcore juicers.
Mistake #5: Not Buying a Wide Mouth Centrifugal Juicer
My first juicer was an Oster centrifugal juicer given to me by my mom, it had a small crescent shaped feed chute that was around 2” x 1” so it was pretty small. You had to cut apples into eights so that it fits in and it struggled with leafy greens.
So if you don’t want to invest in a more expensive masticating or slow juicer, get a wide mouth centrifugal juicer which would cost roughly less than $60 in Amazon.
This lessens the need to pre-cut ingredients and will allow you to cram green leafy vegetables in between two harder ingredients like cucumber which is a technique that a lot of juicing experts use to get the most out of leafy greens.
Mistake #6: Using Only Fruit
This probably is one of the biggest mistakes newbies make. Because the taste of raw vegetables can sometimes be unpalatable so they just use fruit. The problem with this is that fruit like strawberry and apple has high sugar content. Removing the fiber that slows down the sugar absorption can spike insulin levels and may cause or worsen diabetes.
Always make it a habit to add at least one or two types of vegetables (preferable leafy greens) to your recipe and use fruit just to sweeten but not too much.
Avoiding these 6 mistakes gives you a big head start in your juicing journey and will allow you to get the most out of your juicer.
Garrick is a health conscious father and husband who turned to juicing to try and improve his health. You can follow him through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Our Health: A Brief Overview of Authentic Health Blog

Our Health: A Brief Overview of Authentic Health Blog

Our health is our real wealth. If we lose wealth, we can earn it back through hard work. But if we lose health, we will lose wealth and much more. Lack of health disrupts our personal and professional blog

It is very important to be healthy. One way of maintaining good health is by being aware of how to be healthy. Fortunately, thanks to the advent of the internet, today there are many resources that give us information on how to be healthy. However, it is indeed a challenge to know which health website or health blog is genuine. You need to visit authentic websites or blogs to get the correct information. You will fine few websites and blogs like this. is one such health blog. is dedicated to providing latest, necessary and authentic information to lively people. It is an invaluable source of health related information. The language used in the website is simple and easy to understand.

It is easy to find information in this health blog. Articles are categorized under various heads like “Men’s Health”, “Women’s Health”, “Kids Health”, “Mental Health”, “Back Pain”, “Health Insurance”, “Dental” and “Hair Loss Treatment”.

There are sub-categories under these main categories. For instance under “Mental Health” you have “Happiness”, “Personality Development” and “Sex, Love & Relationship”.

“How can a girl stay healthy in her 20s?”, “How your pets help you live healthily?”, “How a female should treat hair loss naturally?” These are some questions for which many people worldwide seek answers. You get answers to many such questions in this health blog.

The content in this health blog is well-researched. The promoters of this blog are dedicated to providing authentic information to their readers. They are aware of their immense responsibility in this blog

In today’s world, keeping up good health is also an expensive affair. Health insurance helps you immensely to deal with this problem. People behind are working to provide the latest information regarding health insurance. is also a family health blog. In a family, there are men, women and kids. For a family to be healthy and happy, it is important that all its members are healthy and happy. This health blog helps immensely in this area.

Information under “Men’s Health”, “Women’s Health” and “Kids Health” help you achieve family health. You will find posts like “Effective Home Remedies to Treat Picnic Food Poisoning”, which go a long way in keeping your family healthy.

Our health depends to a great extent on what we consume. “Diet & Nutrition” section of this health blog helps you consume what is good for you and your loved ones and avoid what is not good. You will also get health recipe ideas like the one you find in the article “A Perfect Green Juice Recipe for Sweltering Summer”.

For more  information regarding health, feel free to visit .

This health blog is attracting many visitors from all parts of the world. 

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Adopt Pets From Rescue Homes And Protect The Environment

Adopt Pets From Rescue Homes And Protect The Environment
Most individuals adopt pets for companionship. A pet will offer you the company which you have long been in search for. They will offer unconditional love and acceptance. When you adopt a pet you will offer it a home and shelter. There are several advantages of adopting pet. The pet will teach your children to engage in responsible behavior. Having an animal companion will help them to cherish valuable friendship. Adopting a pet is a more affordable choice than buying a pet. The pets which are available for adoption are usually spayed and neutered. Most of the animals are vaccinated.

adopt a pet
Selecting right pet
When you adopt a pet there are several factors which you need to take into account. Take into consideration the size of your home, the age of the occupants and the time you can devote to your pet. A large dog may not fit well in a small apartment. A young animal may demand more time. At times large animals may not be the right choice if you have small children at home. The most common pets which are adopted are dogs and cats. You can begin your search at local shelters or rescue services. When you adopt a pet you are adding a new member to your family.
Offering new life
By adopting a pet you offer it a new chance to live life. As the world faces a threat of environmental pollution and ecological balance it is important that you adopt a green lifestyle. Do not leave your pets behind when you adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. When you adopt a pet it will have a positive impact on the environment. By adopting, you will offer shelter to one of the cats and dogs which make animal shelters their home every year.
A green lifestyle
By shifting to organic food you can reduce the number of vet visits which you need to make. Like organic food for humans you can help your pet to adapt to organic food. This will help them to lead a healthier and greener life. Natural products will lead to health improvements and add vitality. As pets generate a lot of waste it is important that pet waste is disposed properly. If you have a Fido at home you can make use of biodegradable poop bags instead of making use of grocery bags which are made of plastic. Leaving waste behind can have an adverse impact on the environment.
Bio-degradable products
Choose environment-friendly toys for your pet. You can buy toys which are made of recycled materials, hemp or sustainable fibers. These toys are good both for your pet and the earth as they do not contain herbicides and pesticides. You can also opt for green accessories and organic cotton beds. Abandoning pets in the wild can upset the ecological balance. Select pet toys which are environment friendly and less harmful to your pet’s health. When you choose items fort play you can opt for toys which are made of hemp, or organic cotton. You should be concerned about the products which the toys are made of.
Opting for green alternatives

With climate change worries about the environment are on the rise. Many companies are finding new ways in which pet owners can lead a green life. Organic pet food is being introduced along with beds which are made of recycled materials. Green alternatives are becoming more available to pet owners. You can consider spaying and neutering your pet to extend its life and to keep it healthier. This will also prevent overpopulation in pets. Pets which are abandoned can impact the environment adversely. To reduce the carbon footprint and save the environment you can consider adopting a pet and leading a green lifestyle.

Author Bio: Fredrick Thomas stopped by to learn more about pet care. He feels that if you plan to adopt a pet it is important that you find time to take care of its needs. Maintaining right diet and hygiene is very important for pet health.

Personalized Medicine and the Aging Process

Personalized Medicine and the Aging Process

One of the latest additions to medicine is personalized prevention medicine which is defined as a system of healthcare in which a patient is treated according to their individual needs. These individual needs are based on extensive diagnostic, blood, and genetic tests, and this system has been particularly helpful in patients with diabetes, obesity, cancer, and other genetically-linked chronic illnesses. Recent research in the area of personalized medicine has revealed that it can also help to slow the aging process.


Literally everything about a person’s physical makeup is based on their genetics, from the way their hair grows on different parts of their bodies to the color of their skin. There have even been studies that have found genetic links to certain personality traits and patterns of behavior. Genetics also determine how the body functions, which is why personalized medicine is so helpful in the treating of patients with various conditions like diabetes that affect the way the body uses sugars. These personalized genome tests can also tell doctors how a person’s skin works.

Studies that have been conducted recently have proven that there is a connection between a person’s genetics and the way their body responds to certain drugs and chemicals. When talking specifically about the skin, personalized medicine can reveal a person’s risk for developing melanoma and other skin cancers, and their likeliness to have other skin conditions such as acne, dryness, eczema, wrinkles, or premature aging.

Anti-ageing medicine has been growing in leaps and bounds in recent years, and is utilizing personalized medicine as a way to develop new products that have chemicals in them that work with the genes that specifically affect the way people age. Because of all these advances in anti-aging medicine, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams are much more effective now than ever before. Many doctors recommend their patients utilize personalized medicine so they can know what medication will work best with that individual, rather than finding out by trial and error.

If you’ve been struggling to find an anti-ageing medicine that works for you or are just looking into starting to fight the effects of aging on your skin, you may want to look into personalized medicine and getting examined at the genetic level so your dermatologist can recommend or prescribe the medication that is exactly right for you. Plus, you never know what else you may be able to learn about yourself and your health along the way.

Human capital and health

If you’re interested in your own health, then you might also be interested in the health of the healthcare industry. Some new data on workplace trends provides an interesting perspective on the state of affairs for healthcare industry employees. And what it means for patients nationwide.

The main finding is that the healthcare industry is suffering from a skills shortage. There is a plethora of data points that indicate hospital staff and other healthcare workers are negatively impacting performance of the companies and organizations they work for. Could this possibly be trickling down into the care and attention you receive as a responsible patient just looking to take ownership of your well-being?

To determine how the shortage of healthcare skills is hurting you, let’s look a little closer at where nurses and hospital technicians are coming up short. The above-referenced survey reveals that the biggest impact on the skills shortage is felt in terms of “soft skills” and “on the job experience.” So what does that mean for you?

While it’s nice to see that there isn’t any shortage of education in the world of healthcare staffing, it does feel like the weaknesses indicated above could be impactful to your patient experience. Although it’s unlikely this skills shortage will put you in danger (since most are properly educated) your quality of care might feel compromised working with less experience practitioners who lack the professional bedside manner you might expect. Make sense?

Going forward, it’s hard to evaluate how this situation will change. With an aging American population and a longer average lifespan, it seems likely that the demand for high quality healthcare workers will remain elevated for years to come. Unfortunately, as hospital administrators continue to struggle at retaining top talent, the skills shortage may remain in place for years to come. On the other hand, it also highlights an opportunity for those interested in health care work who have developed soft skills in interacting with patients, and especially for those with on the job experience.

Another quote from a leading healthcare recruiting executive also reiterates this challenging hiring environment, stating “Human capital is the backbone of the healthcare industry.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize the world of healthcare is facing enormous pressure and that the demand is unlikely to abate. But the implications of exactly what it means for you are still a little less clear.