Summer is already here and I’m sure most of you have amazing summer plans. If you are planning a beach holiday, here is a small piece of advice for you – please don’t forget your feet while preparing for your vacation.

I’m sure we have all been through a similar situation – you are on a beach and you catch a glimpse of someone sunbathing close to you. You can’t see much but one thing you certainly notice is his/her feet. There is nothing unusual other than a thick, yellowish skin. Not the nicest look, is it? I don’t understand why so many people think that nobody will notice that they don’t care about their feet.


foot care

Unlike many other parts of the human body, the feet are often regarded as something that does not require too much effort or attention. For the majority of people, this area is something which they do not even think about unless their feet are aching from uncomfortable shoes or are the source of some other type of pain or discomfort.

Most people fail to realize that this part of the body, like practically any other, demands a certain level of attention. And if the required attention is not provided, the feet might end up not only looking very unattractive from an aesthetic point of view, but also become susceptible to health issues.

Having nice-looking feet is not a difficult task and just a few minutes a day can make sure that any feet look more than presentable. It is true – good foot care doesn’t need to be too fancy – whether you go for an old fashioned pumice stone or purchase an electric hard skin remover, your feet can look better with little effort.

You should also use foot creams to keep the skin of your feet moist and hydrated, especially during the summer. Of course, using sunscreen while wearing open footwear like sandals or slippers is also important for avoiding the aging spots created from the UV radiation.

And don’t forget foot hygiene! Regular washing of your feet, together with precise clipping of toenails is not a bad start. Socks from natural materials like cotton and comfortable shoes and sneakers will allow your feet to breath, thus lowering the chance of any infection. Also, if you use shoes made from leather and other natural materials, you will reduce the possibility of the skin irritation.

Having said all this, I must admit that public perception of foot care has improved over the last few years. More and more people go to see a podiatrist (more expensive option) or try a home pedicure (a cheaper option). If you are not one of those people, please think about it next time you expose your feet to public eyes on the beach.


Have you ever wondered what lies ahead in the cosmetic surgery? The field of cosmetic surgery has developed and evolved quite immensely in the past few decades. This has allowed for a number of different people all over the world to alter their physical appearance. Indeed, the entire industry of cosmetic surgery is currently rapidly booming all over the world. The entire field is becoming more accessible and affordable all over the world. More and more people should learn about cosmetic surgery to truly understand the benefits that come with this type of practice. Thus, with this in mind, here’s a guide on how to get the best cosmetic surgery.


Just like regular surgery, there are lots of varying levels of talent when it comes to cosmetic surgery. There are lots of surgeons out there that are able to provide their patients with absolutely mind blowing results when it comes to this form of surgery. However, there are also some sub-par surgeons out there that have botched up many cosmetic surgeries. It goes without saying that a person looking to get this form of surgery should really do everything possible to get a surgeon that is highly talented and skilled, even if they may cost a bit more than they expected. The benefits of going to the cheapest option with regards to cosmetic surgery are usually not a very good idea. This is because a failed cosmetic procedure can leave a person unhappy and look deformed.

cosmetic surgery


Thankfully, for the most part, cosmetic surgeons are very kind and skilled at their profession. Almost all plastic surgeons in major cities, in respected and popular institutions will be able to provide their patients with everything they could ever hope for in regards to their hospital experience. People looking to get this type of surgery should definitely steer clear of small, and quite unorganized and shady looking medical clinics. Furthermore, they should always make sure that the surgeon and the clinic that they are looking to get the surgery done from is properly accredited and has the credentials to be a legal and proper health service in their country.



cosmetic surgery


Furthermore, in addition to this kind of research, looking at the internet can be great when trying to find the best cosmetic surgery. There are many, many, areas on the internet which are able to provide a person with first-hand testimonials from a variety of different cosmetic surgeons in their area. Some of these testimonials may be overwhelmingly positive, while others may not be. By looking into these testimonials and seeing which clinics and cosmetic surgeons have been reviewed the best, anyone will easily be able to see which clinic and surgeon they should contact for furthermore information in regards to cosmetic surgery.


Cosmetic surgery is booming and there are more and more people around the world that are undertaking this kind of surgery. Thus, it is important for people who are interested in this type of surgery to understand exactly how they can get their hands on a skillful, qualified and respected surgeon that will be able to properly treat them.

Summer Hair Care Tips: The Best Way to Take Care of Your Mane This Summer

Time for some fun in the sun!

There are a lot of great things about summer, but perhaps the best is the sun. It’s out all day, meaning you can be out all day and get some ‘color’ on your skin while you have fun with your friends and family. It also means that you carry around a summer survival kit comprising of sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen.

Understandably, people tend to focus on protecting their skin over the sunny season and little attention is paid to the hair. After all, there are serious health issues related to sun exposure affecting the skin. Plus, most people may not relate hair damage to sun exposure or to popular summer activities like swimming.

So we decided to speak up for your hair and give you a few tips on taking care of your hair this summer.

summer hair care tips

Simple tips for stunning hair

Sun protection

Yes, your hair needs protection from the sun’s rays as well. Before you go slathering your SPF 150 sunscreen on your head, you should know what kind of sun protection your hair actually needs. There are natural sources of UV protectant that can be found in oils from plants such as sunflower. You should get products with these natural protectants, right from shampoo to leave-in conditioner. This will have the added advantage of protecting your scalp as well.

Wash after exposure

Summer is a great time to hang out at the beach or the pool. However, there are a lot of impurities in these water bodies that can cling to your hair and cause some damage. So what you need to do is rinse out your hair immediately after these fun excursions.

This, however, does not mean you should be carrying your shampoo around. In fact, it has been recommended that during warmer seasons, it is best not to use shampoo. The idea is to facilitate oil production by your scalp, which is critical in keeping your hair moisturized (just like your skin).

Moisture before water

If you are going to be spending every day at the pool, and especially if you have blonde hair, you need to be careful about your hair. Chlorine has been known to damage and discolor hair, but there is a way to get around this: moisturize!

All you have to do is apply some leave-in conditioner before getting your hair in the water. This will create a state of saturation in your hair such that it can no longer absorb the chlorine from the pool. You should also think about adding hair products used by professional swimmers as part of your hair regimen.

Cover up

I know you want to feel the wind in your hair and all that, but it is advisable to keep your hair covered up during summer. You can have a stylish hat or hair scarf which will help you retain the moisture in your hair and avoid damage to the ends and scalp. Plus, they look really cool!


Author Bio

Marlene Fathers is a trained hair care professional and stylist to the stars. For more on how to care for your hair regardless of the season, check out her blog posts on Aquilah’s beauty blog.