Despite current treatments and medicines available to improve joint health, many individuals still live a life filled with pain and disability in their joints. Which is why many victims of joint pain turn to herbal remedies to get long-term relief. Using the right herbal supplements can cleanse the body from metabolic waste products and toxins that can cause tension or disability in the joint areas such as knees, knuckles or back. Herbal supplements are recognized by the body and therefore can be digested and distributed throughout the body rapidly.

herbal supplements


By circulating freely in the body, these herbs can fight off inflammation in the problem areas more quickly than most popular medicinal drugs. Not only do they help joint pains right away, but they prevent the pain from coming back by cleansing the body from any toxin that can cause future problems. Herbal supplements can work to support natural cleansing functions of the large intestines, kidneys, and can increase the blood flow to allow the natural remedies to travel faster to the joint areas. Although there isn’t a lot of information out there on alternative supplements, it has been shown time and time again that the body responds to natural ingredients better than artificial ones. Since the body recognizes the ingredients in herbal supplements, it can work faster to heal pain without getting addicted to the supplements. With minimal side-effects, herbal supplements are the best bet for anyone looking to improve their joint health, not only relieve the pain on the spot.

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How I stopped my back pain, painlessly!

Dear friend,

Sciatica pains can happen anywhere – are YOU prepared for the worst? Sciatica pains can be mild to sharp pains in a single affected leg, but they can happen anywhere – including when you’re driving a car.

Back pain can be distracting – one minute you’re heavily focused on your work, and a sudden shock can throw you off followed by repeated jabs of pain. How does anyone focus when there’s a bothersome pain in your body?

Self Acupuncture

And no matter how many methods you’ve tried, you only achieve some sort of temporary relief. While most people think you have to go through pain first before relief (acupuncture, surgery, etc.), we’d like to show you how you can live comfortably, without pain .

Back to living normally.

Today, I want to introduce you to Home  Acupuncture Kit , one of the world’s fewest, yet finest, non-needle treatments for acute and chronic pains.

A simple set of 6 crystals engineered with precision to maximize the benefits of acupuncture can finally put you at ease, permanently. Acupuncture procedures have never been easier to use, especially with an entire online-based manual.

At the comfort of your own home, you’ll be like your own doctor, giving your own treatment, on your own terms.

Get rid of your temporary relief.

Nobody wants to live in fear for their own wellbeing – be at ease everyday with Acupuncture DIY. You won’t regret your decision if you buy it TODAY.


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There is a lot of information and a lot of noise around the health benefits of probiotics. No matter where you live you have defiantly heard that including probiotics in your diet can bring a list benefits. 

In a recent study Dr. Treves  brings professional advice based on scientific evidence as to how probiotics can help with specific health problems.

probiotics benefitsDr.Treves provides a scientific base of how to treat depression with probiotics.Click here to found out how you can treat depression with probiotics. 

Do you know what probiotics are? 


Pickled vegetables are super tasty

The word “probiotic” originates of two Greek words: “pro,”, meaning “forward” and “biotic,” which means life. In another words it simply means “in favour of life”. Probiotics are these countless living cells, that stimulate life and bring wellness to your health. 

For most people the word “probiotics” brings the idea of natural yogurt, but that’s only one of your options. You can get a good quality probiotics by consuming some of the of the following foods-Sauerkraut, Miso, Pickles, Tempeh, Kimchi and Kombucha tea.

There is research, that indicates that digestive disorders happen when the balance of friendly bacteria in the gut is disrupted. This can occur for different reasons including unhealthy diet, stress, talking of antibiotics or other medications. This dis-balance damages the internal digestive tract, which lowers the immune system. With a low immune system the body becomes very vulnerable not just to the outside toxins, but also to it’s own state. That is why taking probiotics can help to bring that balance back.
We have already established that healthy gut=healthy immune system and as well as that healthy gut also indicated high energy and glowing skin. Keeping your body freed from toxins regularly is beneficial in many levels, Apart from drinking lots of water and eating a variety of fruits and vegetables probiotics can also help with weight loss. Dr. Treves have done a detailed research on the subject. The study have shown, that women, who were over weigh consumed probiotics lost twice more weight, than the women who didn’t. People with unhealthy weight can benefit from including probiotics in their diet. You can read about the research and the connection between probiotics and weigh loss here. 
When it comes to eating food it is not always about what you eat, but what matters is what you absorb.By improving the balance in your gut you will start absorbing all the nutrients from your food a lot better. This will benefit you in many levels-you will feel fuller for longer and it is possible to eliminate cravings. Taking a probiotic has been shown to optimize the synthesis of vitamins and minerals. 
Taking probiotics as a part of weekly or daily diet is beneficial in many levels.Dr Treves also recommends probiotics for treatment of diabetes as well and you can read all the details about here.