Is Borderline Personality Disorder Residential Treatment right for you?
Successful Borderline Personality Disorder treatment is a quite often a complicated matter. At some point of your life you will experience emotions , that might be too hard to handle on your own. There comes a time when you feel overwhelmed and visiting a residential treatment could be a place where you will feel welcome. The Meehl house is a place where you will receive a targeted treatment in a loving envirioment. 

 Borderline Personality Disorder Residential Treatment at the Meehl House

The Meehl House was created by Debra and Mark Meehl as a place for healing and hope for anyone with a diagnosis of a Borderline Personality Disorder , Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and any other mood disorder conditions. The Meehl Foundation is located in Brazoria in Texas and welcomes people from all over the world for a Borderline Personality Disorder Residential Treatment . They have over 25 years of combined experience in successfully treating people. They are Intensively Trained in DBT, REBT, Schema therapy and the Amen Brain Healthy model.

Most people choose a 90 day program where they participate in daily activities and treatments which include 4 hours of Group per day, Monday-Friday: Dialectical Behavioural Therapy ,Rational Emotive Behaviour therapy ,12-step Relapse-Prevention , Amen Brain Health, Boundaries and Emotional Blackmail. As well as that every client will also receive a nutrition and spiritual counselling, fitness club membership and massage/acupuncture treatment. 

The newest addition to the amazing list of treatments, classes and activities is  the Amen Brain Healthy Treatment Program  It is based on a research and extensive work by Dr.Amen and is based on the fact, that by looking at the brain image of the patient the therapist can provide a more extensive and individualized treatment.

 Amen Brain Healthy Treatment Program looks very deeply into each individual until it gets to the bottom of the problem. It looks in all aspects of our life-biological, social, phychological and spiritual. Skilled team will be with you all the way and taking every step to make sure you get specific targeted treatment with the best outcome possible.

Using the least toxic and most targeted treatment can be achieved in the loving caring environment at the Meehl house. 

One treatment will never work for anyone who is depressed, stressed , inattentive or addictive and that is why the Amen therapy is a crustal way of treating Borderline Personality Disorder.

At the Meehl House they really want to understand you, rather than just look at your symptoms and give you a label. Dealing with emotional problems and disorders puts a lot of strain on any individual and the team at Meehl house understand that very well. Click here for more information and on line free assessment.

 Here is a short video where you can see Debra Meehl explaining what does the Borderline Personality Disorder Residential Treatment is about. Please click play to watch it. 


 Debra Meehl, DD, MSW Pastoral Counsellor,DBT Therapist & Skills Trainer , Board Certified Hypnotist & President, Meehl Foundation

At the Meehl House there is a strong focus on helping you live healthy and happy lives.

Everyone in the team has set a priority to find the holistic approach to care and working towards wellness of mind, body and spirit.
The work done with each individual will help them learn to meditate and practice control over their actions and thoughts.
Taking care of your body is a vital part of achieving wellness. As well as Nutrition counselling during your stay you will also learn and establish healthy eating habits. Eating more whole foods and taking care of your body is a part of looking after your brain heath.
There is also an extensive library of books, videos and tapes on self help, personal development and spirituality. 


 Mark & Debra Meehl“As a couple, and based upon our own experiences, we believe that hope and healing are not just a possibility but a realistic possibility;and with proper treatment for your loved one and conscientious attention from you and others who are concerned, your relationship with your loved one can do more than survive – it can thrive!”
Mark & Debra Meehl


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Ever since I started blogging, few years ago, I have always felt, that no matter what I blog about it has to be interesting, engaging and authentic. In the last almost a year I have been focused on getting lots of guests posts and have almost stopped blogging. Recently I have been waking up first thing in the morning with headlines in my head and a few lines regarding a topic I want to write about.

Very often I would drift inside Pinterest or Facebook and waste time.

One of my personal goals for 2014 it has been to be more self-expressive and more real not just in my blog but in everything I do.
In my opinion I am the typical people pleaser type of person. I would avoid any communication in the name of avoiding confrontation or any kind of discomfort.

You see my biggest fear is of not being liked or criticised, but honestly the only way to avoid any of those two is to do NOTHING.

But doing nothing seems like a real bad news to me. I want to express my wild compassion, loving kindness and every other opinion, fact and lesson I want.

So in the name of archiving my goal for 2014 to be as real as possible I am doing 31 days of confessions a day blog posts.

I got the idea from one of my favourite mama bloggers-The Veggie Mama. I love her blog and her writing style inspires me.

So in the meantime I want to thank you for being here and supporting me. I will be adding the confessions day after day and I am hoping to have a bit of a laugh as well.

Please do join me, if you like and feel free to laugh at me too.

I also want to invite you to ask me anything that you want to know about me. Leave your comments below! 

Raw Food Forest is a young and trendy company, that offers variety of super foods.Based in  Burlington, VT has a true understanding about wellness and clean natural products.

The true understanding of wellness is when healing happens daily by simply using raw  foods as nature intended. 

I am a great believer in the infinite power, that can be found in pure and good nutrition. There is a solution in nature for every ache and pain, that you body experience. The challenge is to find what, when and how to use all the plants and super plants from Mother Nature. Super foods have become incredibly popular in the last few years and you can easily find where your foods comes from and everything that you want to know about it. Raw Food Forest are provide high standard products and committed to give their customers great service. Getting yourself educated is the first step into taking your health in your hands and unleashing the vibrant cells of plants to help you thrive.

raw pine pollen
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It contains plant hormones, which help the body to balance  and restore healthy testosterone to estrogen ratios.

Pine pollen has been used widely in the traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean medicine as a treatment for a long list of dis balances and some of them include- relief from arthritic pain, boosting energy, increasing stamina, regulating the immune system, improving skin quality, strengthening the heart, improving the digestion and stomach function, eliminating prostate issues, promoting healthy weight loss and overall improved vitality and strength.  



Now a days the science agrees with many of them.

  • Restore healthy hormone levels in men and women
  • Increased libido;
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  • Improved liver health and regeneration (including gallbladder)
  • Better prostate health 
  • Powerful anti oxidants properties
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  • Increasing stamina and vitality 

You can see Ryan’s Favourite ways of using Pine Pollen. 

Pine Pollen is truly good for you. It contains a  wide range  of nutrients with specific anti-ageing compounds, including bio-available androgen hormones, raw amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, and dense antioxidants. For further and more detailed information please visit the extended information provided about the raw pine pollen. 

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