Being in a very good shape as well as staying in that shape form might prove to be a difficult task. There are many people that detest the actual task of looking into planning and attending some kind of health clubs or fitness centers. For a number of the truly perception of getting back in their particular vehicles and also operating to a stuffy indoor position with hundreds of different zonked folks will be sufficient to set these off from training entirely. You can definitely find a lot of choices and opportunities to workout if you really want to, but the benefits gained by workout outdoors are immense !

many outdoor fitness parks in Netherlands



There are many towns that have amazing theme parks as well as character stores exactly where you’ll be able to choose out of doors health exercises. Fro example, we found that Norwell opened many outdoor fitness parks in Netherlands, besides having numerous other in the UK and across Europe and more recently in the US. The vision for Norwell is to provide outdoor fitness parks across the world and empower people of all walks of life working out and relaxing themselves. While we know that it is quite difficult to stay motivated in order to have a good shape and as well having a healthy diet, we strive through our blogs and work to improve ourselves and offer you the best we can.


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You know how it’s like these days. You don’t have to look for any news or headlines. The news simply find you, especially when you actively try to avoid them. I simply couldn’t help myself to share my outrage with you about “designer babies”.

Designer babies

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As I was flipping through my news feeder on  Flip-board I saw this picture of these adorable human babies  and the headline simply shocked me.

‘Designer babies’ debate should start, scientists say” 

If you read the article you will find out, that they are asking for a public debate and a new legislation in order to make a reality of the “designer babies”. What makes matters worst in my eyes is the  fact, that the journalist said “Rapid progress in genetics is making “designer babies” more likely and society needs to be prepared, leading scientists have told the BBC.” (source

I am not against any progress or improvement of one’s life, but playing with the human DNA and cloning is  a step too far. 

I believe, that everything, that Nature created is beautiful and everything that Nature makes or destroys serves it’s purpose in the bigger picture of the balance of life. I don’t have all the answers, but I don’t want to even imagine, that one day people will have the power to “custom design their own kids”. This scares me. 

What scares me even more is that there is a talk for making babies from 3 people. Hello, hello? 

My concern is mainly when things go wrong. How can anyone possibly know what can happen with those living beings. It’s very easy for me to blame the plastic surgery industry where everyone comes out with a perfect bum and nicely done nose job, but those are individuals who have made that choice in their own. How can anyone think, that playing with Nature and cloning human beings is OK? 

Instead of wondering how to play and force natural laws of creation may be the scientific energy and resources can be used to reduce the toxic environment that most babies are born  into,to clean the  poisoned water from herbicides and pesticides and  gradually  eliminated them  for good, to clean the  polluted air from  emissions and all else toxic.

Nearly half of the population of the world lives below a £1 a day.That is half of all the kids in the world are living in poverty and extreme conditions. There’s got to be a way to feed those kids and help them instead of playing dangerous games with Nature. 

We can may be break many rules, but the laws of Nature work on us all the time. We are setting the future generations a horrific example, instead of growing trees and clearing up rivers we will be poisoning their own souls. I do hope that the people who are behind all this talks realize the bigger picture and leave Nature to work it’s own magic.

Thank you for reading my post.I would love to hear from you. Do you think, that the society has to be prepared for “designer babies” ? 


“How is it that mothers can be regarded by so many people as both angel and villain, chaste vessel of purity and whore, queen of wisdom and consummate idiot?” Claire Raynor

Whether you are a mother, have chosen not to be or can not have children, the concept of motherhood is something that you have thought about. We all share some strong cultural believes about motherhood. Some of them are true, some are not, some of them depends. 

1.Women are born to be mothers

2.Motherhood is instinctive

3.Mother knows best

4.Motherhood is a bliss

…………………………………………….being a mother

All of the above put an enormous pressure on most mothers to follow these “believes”. Motherhood is a lot harder than society has made us to believe.Motherhood is an emotional roller-coaster,a path of self discovery( sometimes reluctant) and a never ending learning path on how to deal and respond to it all.


As a mother of 3 amazing boys I have learned much more stuff from my boys than all my years of university, high school and all the books I have read combined. 


I am not great with pictures, unless it comes to some of the food I make. Images are a simply moments and they work both ways-they make us laugh and make us cry, too.

being a mother

Not a great quality,but at least we are all looking at the camera at the same time :)

I managed to find this picture of me and the boys from last September. I don’t have the habit to take any pictures of them.

Bringng up another human being is a responsibility like no other. I sometimes wonder am I a good enough mother? Am I doing the best I can? What would my kids think of me when they become parents themselves? How will the remember me? Those questions I carry with me all the time. 

I like to give to my kids unconditionally love and nurture. I am also constantly building my relationship with them in becoming better friends and team players(like I like to call it). When people live together the main thing is to make it work for everyone. My home is a pure, loving and nurturing place for my men and anybody who visits us. 

Being a good enough mother expands into being a good enough friend, sister and a teacher. 


It is time to let go of self criticism and regrets of past mistakes, Yes,I did give my eldest child too much pasta, instead of broccoli, yes I worked too much when my second boy was only a year old, yes, I almost lost everything when the turd  boy was only a few years old…………………But all that is a part of the story. The story of being a mother, that is constantly learning and reinvnting herself. 

My greatest gift is the knowledge, that I have helped those 3 boys to love life, appreciate health and cherish those they love. The rest it is simply a story. 

If you are a mother and you are reading this please feel free to leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you! 

Thank you for being here! I love and appreciate you.