Electronic Cigarettes: A Basic Guide by Audrey Schroder

Electronic Cigarettes: A Basic Guide
If you’re a smoker, and have been trying to quit, electronic cigarettes could be the answer. An electronic cigarette is basically made of two parts: a cartomizer and a battery. The battery is the longer part of the ecig. When activated, the battery heats the e-liquid to produce vapor.

The cartomizer is the disposable part of the ecig that holds a liquid solution made of flavoring and nicotine. It is the combination of a cartridge and atomizer, and that’s where the name cartomizer comes from. Its built-in coil heats a liquid solution to produce vapor. E-liquid/juice is comprised of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), food-grade flavoring, and nicotine (optional).

Cartomizers come either pre-filled with e-liquid, or blank. The pre-filled ones are ready to use right out of the package. E-liquid must be added to blank carts.

An ecig battery is the main part of the e-cigarette that provides the power needed to create vapor. They are traditionally long skinny tubes shaped like a cigarette (although there are others that don’t look anything like a cigarette). One end usually has a LED tip that lights up when in use. The other end has a threaded connector that screws into a cart.

There are two different battery activation types – manual and automatic. A manual battery is activated by pressing a small button on the side. They have a cut-off that turns off the battery after a certain time period (10-20 seconds, depending on the type). Automatic batteries are activated by inhalation. When a user sucks in, the atomizer begins heating the e-liquid inside the cartomizer. It turns off when they stop inhaling.electronic cigarets

There are different tips on e-cigarette batteries. Some are covered by a gray-colored ‘ash cap.’ When not in use, the tip is gray. When in use, the tip shows whatever color the LED is on the particular battery. Diamond batteries have a bejeweled sparkly tip covering the LED on this battery style. When in use, the LED lights up to the specific color light inside. The last style is called Stealth. These batteries are made to be less noticeable. There is no LED on the tip, so no light shines whether the battery is turned on or off. They’re good for people who are shy, don’t want to draw attention to themselves, or simply don’t want to get asked questions about their ecig.

If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, disposables are a great way to get introduced. They don’t cost much and will let you experience this smoking alternative without spending a lot of money.

By Audrey Schroder,Vapor4Life’sSocial Media Manager and SEO Analyst. A version of this article was originally published on theVapor4Life electronic cigarette blog.

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Hot tub therapy – How could it improve your health?

Hot tub therapy – How could it improve your health?
Hot tub therapy can improve anyone’s health. Whether you are perfectly healthy or having some health problems, it is definitely worth looking into. Even if you are just looking for a feature to add to your garden, these benefits could make up your mind. Not only do hot tubs provide health benefits, but it also means you have a great excuse to spend time with friends and family and you can make the most of your garden all year round.
So in what way can a hot tub improve your healthhot tub therapy

The heat, massage and buoyancy elements of the hot tub work together to improve several different health issues you may or may not be suffering from. Common health problems such as stress, insomnia and aches and pains can all be drastically improved by regular use and what better way to improve your body than by relaxing in a warm, soothing environment. Not only will your hot tub provide you with a better night’s sleep and an improved attitude, but it can also improve more serious health conditions which need a long term solution. Two health conditions which have been proven to improve with regular hot tub therapy are type 2 diabetes and arthritis. The massaging jets in the hot tub soothe any pains which may occur with arthritis, and it has been known to decrease diabetes patients insulin dosage so it may be worth looking into if you are a sufferer.
You may think purchasing a hot tub for your own home is an expensive move to take, however if you are going to benefit from it in the long run then it is worth every penny. It won’t just improve your health but your whole families too, and as the hot tub market increases in size it is easier than ever to find one to suit your budget.
This post was brought to you by the team over at www.vitaspa.co.uk, the UK’s leading hot tub importers from Arizona, USA.

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Who is an ultrasound technician ?

Who is an ultrasound technician ?
In this article we will get to you invaluable information regarding ultrasound technologist. Decently prepared Ultrasound Technicians assume a key part in today’s human services, performing indispensable methods in a high development and progressing industry.
An ultrasound expert is an exceptionally important employment in the realm of social insurance. Likewise called a symptomatic restorative sonographer, an ultrasound tech utilizes exceptional machines and gear that work on sound waves to focus or diagnose medicinal issues for patients. There are specializations inside the field and a few sonographers do limb off into these territories. Some work in pregnancy, heart health, gynaecology, stomach sonography and numerous others. Each of these specializations h changing obligations yet they all include serving to give specialists the replies to what is happening inside the human figure. Sound waves are profoundly faultless and fit instruments in the battle against illness and conditions.

ultrasound technician
Turning into a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is an amazing choice where numerous energizing and compensating chances will exist. As a sought after Ultrasound Technician you will discover a chance anyplace there is a healing facility, M.d’s office, or medicinal centre. Also, a vocation in Medical Sonography gives the chance to work in a high development industry with the most recent innovation while helping individual’s commonplace.
So who exactly is an ultrasound technician ? An ultrasound technician is a medical professions who is quite skilled in the ultrasound technology also known as sonography. High frequency sound waves are readily used to produce ultrasound images and these images are a reflection of the patient’s internal soft tissues and his or her organs. A hand-held device called a transducer is used by these technicians to procure images which otherwise would have been very difficult to get an idea of. Transducer is applied to the target area and thus the technician brings up live images and pictures of the body. These pictures or images that have been procured are stored to be displayed while consulting a physician at a later point in time.

The field of ultrasound technology is no cakewalk to master. It requires quite comprehensive and rigorous training and only by this do the ultrasound technicians get hold of the art of deciding which images will cater to the need of the doctor and which images will not, depending on the type of the problem in the patient. These ultrasound technicians also need to have good knowledge and experience of patient positioning in addition to providing adequate and proper bedside care to the ailing patient. In one manner it can be clearly said that there are two main factors upon which the career of an ultrasound technician depends. They are his or her effective social interaction (how good they are at connecting with people) and empathy (how much and up to what extent do they empathise with their patient, getting into their feelings). These two traits are quite essential when it comes to the profession of ultrasound technician and they often prove to be determining factors.

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Trusting Your Gut: Steps for Healthy Intestines

Trusting Your Gut: Steps for Healthy Intestines
Digestive health may not be a usual topic of polite conversation but a bit of insight into the real role of the incredible intestinal tract may just change that for good. Trusting your gut is easier after learning some facts about the complex nature of this organ. It is an appreciation for this complexity that provides the best means for creating an intestinal environment most suited to optimal health and well being.

What’s So Special About the Intestinal Tract?

The digestive system is a long and winding road made of several sections performing distinct functions. The term “gut” generally refers to the small intestine, a length of eyelid-thin muscular tubing extending for 18 to 23 feet to connect the stomach to the large intestine. Sandwiched between layers of tissue made from special absorptive cells and muscles, a network of nerves stretches the entire length of the small intestine. The dense innervation of the gut is complemented by and connected to nerves throughout the digestive system. This whole network, known collectively as the enteric nervous system, controls and coordinates the activities of digestion in an effective and highly independent manor. Amazingly, the enteric nervous system actually contains more neuronal connections than the brain! It is also the site in the body with the most serotonin activity. This feel-good neurotransmitter is what helps create a visceral, gut response to emotional situations. intestinal health

Another indispensable element contributing to the complexity of the intestine is its role as home to more microbes than any other part of the body. More than just hangers-on, the complement of beneficial bacteria that colonize the gut are essential for protecting the body from invading microbes and determining the true metabolic activity of the intestine. Imagine for a moment that the gut is like a bank, but instead of one or two customers waiting in the lobby, it is jam-packed with people who’ve decided to take up residence there. A robber at the door would simply be unable to push his way through the crowd of people in order to reach the bank tellers. Not only do the residents passively help keep away intruders but they also change the overall atmosphere of the space with their unique combination of activities. After all, a bank lobby filled with musicians would be quite different than one packed with athletes, gourmet chefs or painters. Similarly, the composition of microbes effects the full complement of activity taking place in the gut. It is now understood that microbial make-up may be the missing link to a number of diseases and disorders including inflammatory bowel diseases such as colitis, Crohn’s disease and leaky gut syndrome. Mounting evidence also points to the importance of intestinal flora in managing body weight and the development of obesity.

Making the Most of Intestinal Intelligence

The precise makeup of microbes populating the intestines is influenced largely by food intake. Probiotics are foods rich in live active bacteria known to make a beneficial part of the intestinal microbiota. More and more strains of Lactobacillus and other probiotics are available in foods such as natural yogurts but may also be ingested in capsule form. Prebiotics are the foods such as inulin and FOS (fructooligosaccharides), items favored by beneficial strains of gut bacteria. By ingesting prebiotic-rich foods, such as yacon syrup, beneficial bacteria receive the support they need to help create a truly healthy bowel. Whether taken alone as a nutritional supplement or used as a low glycemic index sweetener, yacon syrup is a delicious and effective way to promote digestive health.pure yacon syrup

Click here to learn more about Yacon Syrup

Another tool for building a healthy bowel is saffron extract. This time-tested, scientifically studied herbal extract works wonders to curb appetite. With fewer cravings for gut busting indulgences, establishing a healthy bowel environment becomes both more attainable and sustainable. Saffron also acts to increase serotonin activity, the main neurotransmitter of the intestinal tract. Its calming effect on mind and body makes saffron extract the ideal supplement to stimulate long-last health and well being.

Using saffron extract and yacon syrup a regular part of a comprehensive intestinal health plan can significantly contribute to the intestinal track  health and help avoid digestive discomfort.

SearchGym-exclusive health, fitness and gym online directory

One of the largest gym membership platforms SearchGym.co.uk has received over 20,000 visitors since its launch January 2014. SearchGym offers pay as you go gym passes and contracts for you to purchase online. You can view all the information from gym membership prices all the way to photos and videos of the gym, and on top you can benefit from cheap gym membership deals.
Are you always on the lookout for good gym membership deals? Then your one stop shop is SearchGym.kc_logo

With over 350 gyms to choose from in London and across UK, you are bound to find the right gym. With major chains including Xercise4Less who has partnered with them, other major independent gyms they work with include Edge Gym, Rigs Fitness, The Fifth Dimension, World Fitness Gym, Body Zone Fitness, Tops Fitness and Rehabilitation etc. By the end of the year, they aim to be in partnership with over 1000 gyms, which equates to roughly 20% of the market, and by mid 2016 SearchGym will be partnered with 50% of the gyms and health clubs in the UK.

search gym

this is how it works

Two bright young graduates, Kenan and Ibrahim are the key success behind SearchGym. The inspiration behind the website comes in the early days of university whereby they were looking for a gym online but wasted a lot of time clicking on individual websites. This gave them the idea to create a website which offering all the important information on one website and to compare multiple gyms, enabling the user to find the right gym for them.

The website has gained a lot of interest from the media since its launch. SearchGym aims to grow their online presence in the UK and to expand abroad over the coming years. The website intends to be the number one resource for both gyms and personal trainers offering gym memberships for local gyms, leisure centres and 24 hour gyms.
The website has a simple approach to e-membership, customers will find the right gym and memberships and pay via PayPal. Once they payment is made, they will receive a unique code which will presented to the gym staff upon arrival for it to be redeemed. It’s as simple as that.search gym

In 2015, SearchGym has new technology it intends to roll out making it even faster and more convenient for its customers to redeem the passes purchased on the website. As technology continues to grow at rapid pace, with mobile data usage increasing and online shopping hitting a record high of £10.1bn in the month of November 2013. This has created a great opportunity for SearchGym to grow enormously over the coming years, with the rapid growth in the fitness industry this gives them a huge advantage and potential to dominate the industry and grow their business internationally.

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Vegan Products Reviews-Vegan cream from Mimilicious

This week I had the opportunity to try Mimilicious.Its a vegan cream made with no soya.I was really pleased , that I had it sent to me to try and review.The cream is made in Devon , the Holy land of Clothed cream in UK  by The Devonshire Klotted Kream Company. If I have to sum it up in a few words the cream is rich and awesome.


vegan cream


Water, pure oats, coconut oil, sunflower spread (sunflower oil, vegetable oils, salt, emulsifier – mono and diglycerides – vitamins E & A, colour – natural carotenes – vitamins D2 & B12) rapeseed lethicin, xanthan gum, vanilla extract, sea salt.

(The  packaging pots are 100% reusable and recyclable, and are dishwasher and freezer safe.)

As soon as the cream arrived I opened the pot, and I had to have a sniff.As you know I wasn’t brought up as a vegan, so I have had cream made from a  cow’s milk.My verdict is, that it tastes better and its also with a nice and cool texture, delivered by the coconut butter in it.

Here is a video, made in my kitchen where I share my thoughts about it. 

When you think of cream , apart from other yummy things I think of scones.This is one of the treats, that I adopted since moving here.Here it is.Lemon zest scones , served with Mimilisious .vegan cream


I don’t know how much you like scones, but if there are not your thing there are many other ways to enjoy this product.You can use it to make a sauce creamy or make a delicious ice cream.To me personally the best part about this product is the fact, that offers an alternative to the cow’s milk cream.

I feel , that a lot of people will be more than happy to use Mimilicious if it was available in any corner shop.I like to recommend anything , that helps you reduce the amount of animal products, that you consume if you are not vegan yet. 

If you would like more information visit http://www.klottedkream.co.uk/

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Home made Spinach Tortellini with a Spicy Butternut Squash Sauce

Spinach Tortellini with a Spicy Butternut Squash Sauce

Here is the recipe for each piece although I cook in the moment and don’t really do measurements but will try my best.
1 cup flour
2/3 cup water (I added tomato puree to flavour pasta)
Tblsp salt

mix all ingredients together and knead for 10 minutes and rest for 10 as well.
I used a pasta roller to get the thinness I wanted.
Spinach(a good bunch….)
Pinch salt.
Vegan Worcestershire sauce.
Just saute it all in a pan and add ingredients to whatever quantity you like.

Butternut squash sauce.
I pretty much just made this in the moment and added this and that so this isn’t precise at all.

Butternut squash
Chili powder 
Vegan Worcestershire sauce
2 cups (maybe slightly more….) rice milk. Use whatever though, this just what i had in the fridge.
I added some herbs…think it was oregano. 

Peel and dice butternut squash. Put in roasting tin and drizzle with oil and season. Roast in over at 180c for 40mins…or rounds about.
Cook onions and add seasonings. Then add butternut squash. I added loads of paprika as i love it so much but just add to your preference. Then add rice milk and blend.

Cook your tortellini for 2 minutes or when floating in boiling water then serve with sauce.

Also, this sauce makes quite a lot, and you get about 2 portions from the pasta. 

P.S.There is also a secret ingredient LOVE! make sure you cook with love ! Enjoy! 

How to Select a Bike Stationary Stand

The stationary bike is a great invention. It helps exercise in your home when the weather is not good. When trying to get in shape without activity, then you should consider a stationary bike. The stationary bike stand offers the user a large amount of training. You will find several different types of stationary bikes. You will be able to apply stands, roller, or trainer with a recumbent stationary bike.

Magnetic Bike Trainer

When you are beginning to purchase stationary bike trainers, the most popular decision is definitely a bike stationary stand with magnetic resistance. You can exercise when the weather is bad. The trainer changes your bike into an indoor trainer. The internal magnet makes resistance once you pedal. The resistance levels may feel too hard or too easy depending on your own fitness. The most magnetic resistance trainer will be right for beginners. The magnetic resistance trainers are widely used. Although this type of trainer does not feel natural, it can offer a great workout. The best trainers attach to the tire. It is advisable to buy a trainer that includes a resistance setting.

Fluid Bike Trainer

These are the most expensive trainers and very hard to take care of. However, they are the easiest to work with when it comes to changing resistance. It also gives an actual pedaling and riding sense of all the mechanisms of resistance. You get a wonderful workout. While riding indoors, the trainer allows you to do cycling skills. It allows a gradually changing resistance. The speed determines the resistance. The trainer is connected to a fan that makes all the resistance. Changing the gear on the bike, you can change the resistance. Such a bike stand offers a realistic experience. With this type of trainer, you are capable to watch TV when exercising.stationary bike stand

Stationary Bike Stand -Rollers

You can keep your wheels steady over rollers. You will have a smoother experience pedaling, but you must be steady and have a proper setup. There are wide varieties of materials used for rollers. It is advisable to choose a quality plastic or rubber roller. This is because it will help you clean easily. They are also durable. If you have a still bike stand, a roller is a good choice. It will help you progress your biking balance. When you are finding something that can help develop your cycling and balance, then the bike stand roller could be the right option. This is a product to give you a more natural experience. All of you need to make sure that you keep your balance all over.

Instead of purchasing a new stationary bike, it is recommended to buy great quality bike stationary stand. You will find different types of stationary bike stands. If you are a beginner, you might experience many problems in choosing the right product. One thing you can consider is reading online reviews. Make sure the reviews are honest. With the best stand, you will be able to exercise at home. You will be capable to do your exercise in a bad weather.

For more information and a full product range please visit http://www.bestbikestandguide.com/best-stationary-bike-stand-reviews

Opinion:What can you do to “change the world”?

I used to think, that I am here to be happy to enjoy life.Now after being alive for just over 33 years I know, that I am here to love.Almost everything is an expression of love.The sooner human being understand how powerful their hearts are, the sooner we can “change the world”.

Only with a thought or a prayer you can touch people in adverse circumstances, animals used as slaves, war areas and so on.Use your heart to expand your compassion and kindness and by doing this you will experience growth on the inside.The world is the way it is.how to change the world

Your ability to love is the only thing, that can bring healing and reduce suffering.Not just to your family and friends, but to every living creature around you.

With love I can help others.The biggest fun in life comes from helping others and adding valuable moments of presence and feeling to be alive.For all we know we are all here for one reason only -to love and help one another. 

As they say, just because you can’t do everything doesn’t mean you should do nothing. So today I am sharing you a list with 17 things, that can instantly “change the world”.But the list is countless………

1.Hug daily the people and the animals , that you live with for a minimum of 5 times and make sure one of those hugs is a minimum of 20 seconds.This alone is pure therapy and its free.It has been proven, that a 20 seconds hugs reduce stress dramatically and remove tension

2.Pray/Meditate/Visualize-Whatever form of connection you have with God/Source/Universe practice connecting with it daily.Emptying your mind creates space for listening to your heart which will express love and will bring you a state of presence and remove tension

3.Eat as much plant-based as you possibly can, if you are not vegan yet.Every meal, that you eat matter.Every time you decide to avoid eggs, milk or animal meat you are buying less of it ;you are helping to reduce the suffering of the countless animals used as slaves. 

4.Recycle-I love my recycling bins and I am almost fanatic on separating glass, paper and so on.Any resources, that can be re-used will make a difference.Every time.

5.Do what you love -finding a great pleasure in enjoying some kind of activity will always bring outstanding results.

6.Open a door for a stranger 

7.Smile more and oftenhelp someone

8.Help someone to reach a goal 

9.Compliment someone

10.Give someone a gift

11.Spend quality time with someone 

12.Quit smoking cigarets 

13.Quit killing bugs and set them free outside instead 

14.Encourage someone

15.Donate money or things or both 

16.Grow your own vegetables

17.Invite people for dinner 


When you are focused on expressing love in a form of a solution you will feel empowered and inspired.

Blue Lotus: The Narcotic Flower

Blue Lotus: The Narcotic Flower

Keeping the body stimulated all the times is the common problem of people today, especially the adults since their time is commonly allocated for their family and work, which somewhat results to stress. They can hardly do workout, have a walk, and do other things that are good for the body as well as help in stimulating their systems. What they need to have now is a remedy that has narcotic like effects. Narcotics are substances that affect ones behavior and mood. Unfortunately, most narcotics are illegal. This; however, must not be a hindrance for them. They must also search for remedies that address their problem. One remedy is the Blue Lotus Extract.blue lotus extract

The Blue Lotus extract is a supplement that came from the Blue Lotus flower plant, which is commonly found in Egypt. It is very popular since then as it is a part of the history of the Egyptian people. They have tested the extract and approved its efficacy as it is invigorating and has sexual enhancing effects. This is the reason why some choose to include the extracts in the wine.

What is with the Blue Lotus Extract?
The Blue Lotus extract contains an alkaloid known as nuciferin and this is the one responsible for providing the mood-enhancing effects. Today, the flower can also be found in some parts of the world like India and Africa. There are also ready-made extracts developed into supplements so people can conveniently buy them as needed. Unfortunately, there are some sellers who commonly advertise Blue Lotus powder, which do not really contain any nuciferin at all.

Uses of Blue Lotus Extract
Many people use the Blue Lotus extract to treat ailments. It also has several uses such as:

  • Alleviate body pain 
  • Enhance memory
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Enhance sex drive
  • Serve as an aphrodisiac. 
  • Improve mood and behavior

Blue Lotus Extract is a very good alternative to other chemicals used in smoking because it is an upper and does not cause depression. In addition, some say that Blue Lotus is effective in treating migraine, tinnitus, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Plenty of biological studies also prove blue lotus as a plant that is quite similar to Gingko in terms of the number of flavonoids.

Effects of Using Blue Lotus Extract
For so many years, there were no recorded serious side effects associated with using the Blue Lotus Extract. The effects are usually mild, and this is why this product can easily be utilized first time users. This is also not addicting. This will just give you a relaxing effect, and it is not expensive as well.

The advisable dosage for Blue Lotus is two times a day only – one in the morning and one at night. It must be taken in drops – 6 to 10 drops together with water or juice.

Safety Information
Though there are no severe interactions relating to the use of Blue Lotus extract, it must also be taken appropriately as suggested. However, it is not advisable for women who are pregnant and nursing, as well as minor children and people who have organ disorders.

For more information and buying option please visit http://www.herbalzensations.com/botanicals-blue-lotus-c-5000013_47.html