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What Exactly Is Online Personal Training?

We live in some truly amazing times. These days, thanks to our ever-growing digital landscape, we get to enjoy incredible perks like shopping, paying bills, and communicating with others without even leaving our homes. With that, a new phenomenon has emerged in the health and fitness sphere – online personal training. As unlikely as it may seem, you can now …

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How to be a healthy vegan

The Magic is in the Sauce

Have you heard of the Five Mother Sauces of Classical Cuisine( béchamel, Espagnole, hollandaise, tomato, and veloute? Before I went vegan I knew that no matter what type of food I am cooking the Magic is in the sauce. Now there is no butter, cream or bone broth to go into my sauces. Now it is all about creating rich, …

eating the forbidden fruit
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Eating the Forbidden Fruit by Roland Sato Page

Eating The Forbidden Fruit is one man’s testimony of Life. Newly anointed author Roland Page is releasing his story for all to read. The novel is a fictional story based on true events in his journey as a police officer convicted of federal crimes, Roland battle demons committing immoral acts which he believes resulted in his demise. A tale of …

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Vegan Holidays

Vegan Travel with a Difference Veganary

One of the best perks about blogging is the incredible people that I get to work along the way! I would like to introduce you to Veganary-The Vegan Gateway to the World, created by Shani Zukerman and Natan Saffer, a vegan couple living in Vancouver BC.  It’s a vegan travel website compiled by the help of thousands of vegans from …

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Organic and Natural Living

How to Create a Relaxing Home Atmosphere

At the end of a long day, nothing should feel as good as kicking your feet up and tucking into a good book or binge-watching Netflix. But what if looking around your home brings more anxiety than relief, more stress than calm? There are ways to cultivate the atmosphere you want. With a little work and a few simple changes, …