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Create the Best Home Bar with These Design Ideas

Create the Best Home Bar with These Design Ideas

Are you looking for something to spice up your home? Want to add an element of fun? How about a bar? The addition of a bar can take your entertainment game up a notch—making it more convenient to bartend for guests, while also adding an inviting vibe to your home. And, it can be an easy and inexpensive project (compared to renovating a bathroom or kitchen). Many Ottawa homes for sale have installed a bar and homeowners find that is exactly the kind of bell and whistle that many modern home buyers are looking for. Below are a few design ideas to create the best home bar. 

Basement Bar
If your basement is unfinished – it could be the perfect space for building a bar because you have this whole floor of your house that you’re not doing anything with. You don’t even have to use the entire area; you can still use part of your basement for storage or a laundry area. Creating a bar can be as setting up a bar and some stools with a kegerator or a wine fridge, or you could finish your DIY basement bar with insulated walls and flooring to create a space for hanging out and enjoying some drinks. Your unfinished basement is a blank canvas where you can use your imagination to create the ultimate home bar.

Convert a Closet
Build your tiny home bar behind a closet door and line the back with wallpaper that pops or mirrored tiles and colorful cabinets. And remember: Remember, no matter how small, is too small for a wine fridge.

Garage Bar
Everyone needs and loves a place to hang out. We’ve all heard of man caves and she sheds, but how about a garage bar. It’s not hard to create the ultimate garage bar and give yourself a fantastic new hangout spot. A garage bar will be the best place to get together with your friends and family and spend time together. This can be just sitting and chatting, having a drink, watching sports or having a party. Whatever you do with your garage bar will fit your needs.

Utilize a Drawer
Did you know a well-organized drawer can become a home bar? To prevent all your bottles, cans, and other pantry items from toppling over in drawers, purchase drawer organizers that help keep them all in place. You can install flexible dividers to keep liquor bottles from clinking together.

Pub Shed
Backyard sheds are typically boring. They are useful for lawnmowers, tools, or clutter. However, there’s a growing trend of pub-sheds that not only allow you to calm your nerves after a hard day’s work but to do so in style from your very own backyard. 

Create the Best Home Bar with These Design Ideas



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