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15 Easy Ways To Improve Vision And Prevent Aging Eye Disease by Sonja Helda

Most of us, yes even those of us that do take care of our bodies, take our eyes, our vision for granted. But, just think of how precious our eyesight really is… how precious our vision is.

There are common aging eye diseases and problems that are preventable.  And yes, you can become pro-active in your vision care.

Here are some aging eye diseases, conditions that we can control, or at least, decrease the risk of getting them.

ARMD, or age related macular degeneration (one of the major causes of vision loss in the aging population.

 eye care

Cataracts, and glaucoma, and even dry eye disease.

Yes, these are preventable, at least to a certain extend.  The least we can do is to decrease the risk!

Here is what you CAN do to manage your vision care, your eye health.  And, best of all, it will also impact  your general health!

Also see the Rebuild Your Vision Program, for eye exercises tips and information to help improve your vision, improve your eyesight.

1. Anti Oxidants!!  These are found in berries, and for the eyes the best berries are:  blueberries, bilberries, and other dark berries.  AND, as a security, take a supplement formulated for the eyes, because all these anti-oxidants, and minerals are included.

2. Eat your spinach, just like your mommy taught you, and Popeye did too  eat it twice a week. Lutein is abundant in this delicious green vegetable, and we all know, lutein is essential for eye health. By the way, lutein is in all good quality eye supplement formulas.

3. Don’t aim any fans, drafts, or car vents, car air conditioning at your eyes.  This will DRY your eyes out very fast. If you have a serious case of dry eyes, this can be very bad and even cause blindness.

4. When you are at a computer, Iphone, tablet, or other screen, make sure you take regular breaks.  AND, make sure you look at a distant object every once in a while.  Computer Vision Syndrome is a huge eye problem these days.

8. Walk, walk and walk 🙂  Take you kids, take your spouse, take your dog, and go for a walk.  Yes, walking has been proven to decrease the risk of age related eye problems.  And, it will help your whole body health, and even your mental health.

9. Take Omega 3 oils  .  This is a scientifically prove fact.  Omega 3 rich flax seed oils help your vision and your heart, too.

10. Don’t keep your house too hot, or too dry.  Again, this will dry your eyes.

11. Look after your eyes when you are exposing them to sunlight.Your eyes can get sunburned.  Long exposure to the sun will speed, or even start, eye related problems and diseases!

12. Switch to a healthier lifestyle.  Eat health, and get moving.  Dump the junk food, the simple white sugars and flours.  AND DUMP THE POP.  Replace it with cool, clear water.

13. As mentioned before, when you are working, reading, computing, or you are doing long time on any screen…. take a break every 20 minutes and look at an object at least 10 feet away.  This is very important.  Do not stare for hours at a screen without taking a break.

14. Stay healthy, check your numbers.  Your sugar/glucose, your blood pressure, your cholesterol.  These can all effect your eyesight, and your all around health for that matter.

15. Use good quality eye makeup, and have good habits when using them. Always wash your hands.  Replace with new product, don’t use old products.  Use fresh towels.

And, there are programs that can even help you Improve Your Vision!  Check them out too.  Become very pro-active with your vision/eye care.

For more information please visit   Rebuild Your Vision.

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