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Vitamin B12: What Every Vegetarian and Vegan Needs to Know

Vitamin B12: What Every Vegetarian and Vegan Needs to Know

Do you suffer from B12 deficiencies? If you are a vegan or vegetarian there may be serious risks from B12 deficiency and you are at high risk.

B12 is a complex nutrient responsible for the proper function and maintenance of your body’s nervous system, DNA replication, and healthy cell creation. It is important to have healthy B12 levels to avoid these series health risks.vegan vitamin B12

In fact, a deficiency puts you at high risk for anemia, seizures, nervous tissue damage, and dementia.

Even the smallest deficiency of B12 found may lead to:
Loss of energy
Weight loss or gain
Severe mood swings
Difficulty walking
Numbness of the fingers and toes

If you do suffer from B12 deficiency due to your diet choice or possible underlying issues there are numerous ways to correct the problem. Additionally, pregnant women who suffer from B12 deficiency can cause their unborn child to develop serious birth defects.

B12 comes in many forms. It can be consumed alone or combined with other supplements. Some of its forms include:
Nasal Spray
Skin Patches
Sublingual (Melt underneath tongue)

Most experts agree injections are the most effective form of receiving B12. This is because the drug goes right into the bloodstream, the body is able to process and digest more of the vitamin rather than any other form of consumption. A quick visit to your local physicians’ office is the safest way to receive B12 injections.

Aside from being the most effective form of receiving B12, B12 injections are also beneficial because they allow fewer dosages of the vitamin as well as lower frequencies.

Many people who receive B12 injections visit the doctor once a month for their dosage rather than taking a pill daily which can become monotonous. Additionally, you may forget a day here or a day there which means your body is not receiving proper dosages and you may still suffer from a deficiency.

People who are vegan or vegetarian often see the deficiency because natural forms of B12 can only be found in animal protein. Because they do not consume animals the deficiency can begin if they do not take supplements once they cut meat out of their diets.

Taking supplements or receiving B12 injections are the best way to ensure your B12 levels stay within range. You will see overall your health benefits will improve over time. Injections may be the solution you have been looking for if you suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency (read more here). They are a faster more efficient way to increase your B12 levels.

Since B12 can affect your metabolism, energy levels and overall health, it is critical to maintaining healthy amounts of B12 in your body, to balance yourself and keep your energy high and overall health in good condition. Your primary care physician can perform a simple blood test to check your B12 levels to discover if you a have deficiency or not.

Sometimes people benefit from vitamin B12 shots at home.

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