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I find it hard to explain why some people think differently of themselves or other people if they live in a bigger house, go to an expensive school, come from another country , have chosen a certain religion or do not eat meat.We are One amazing mirror of each other. You are another me and I am another you.  …The same God, that resides in me resides in every one…..once you become responsible and take control of your life you will feel this peace and immense compassion for other humans and living creatures. We are One. Love one another , remember , that “an eye for an eye will turn all of blind”….Peace , love , compassion and responsibility.we are one

Awaken to your own personal values. Digg deep and ask  yourself the questions, that you are afraid to answer-you will free your beautiful light and love inside. Let your love flow. Do not ask anybody what to do, what to ask or what is the “wright” thing to do , because there is no such thing. Everybody is perfect and wright .

You have the power to choose love and radiate it every day of your life. Pray, mediate, think , write ,walk, swim , sleep. read……..whatever feels wright for you , just be true to yourself ! Just BE!

Here is a film, that I saw today, that inspired me today to write those words. If you haven’t seen it yet I so encourage you to do so. Watching it was like putting pieces of a puzzle together and being able to see the bigger picture.

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