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I want to feed and care for every child on Earth

When I was a little girl I used to fall asleep dreaming that all the living animals come under my pillow and they are all safe and happy . I used to see a lot of birds in September flying away and  imagined all these long and endless lines of animals coming under my pillow and being safe.They were in all sizes and all colours. That really helped me fall asleep.The time in my dream was around sunset and the colours were so beautiful and rich.It was that pink-orange-yellow-white  sky with some of the warmth of the Sun left in it.  All the zebras and foxes and every kind of bird , then the cows and the rabbits . It was comforting to know that everyone is safe and and going to sleep.  In Bulgaria, where I grew up I never heard of Bible or Christianity until I turn about 10, so the associations of Noah’s ark might be there , but in my dream there was nothing really being planed to happen. It was only for the night, while the Sun is down and the stars are bright. It was just a perfect good night story, that I was saying to myself .

Making the change towards vegan lifestyle has open my senses to communicate with animals again, like when I was a child. I feel incredible in general -there is so much going on and yet on the outside nothing noticeable, but on the inside I am flowing like a river ;-). There is this powerful feeling, that I can make a difference to every child on Earth by doing my best with my own children and then extending that to every living creature , that I come in contact with. I know , that by choosing to eat only plant based food I can save some animals. Real change takes time. I wish I had magic powers and like a river I can go to every child on earth a show them love , nurture them and feed them. I am sending a prayer now to you , reading my post -may your life be filled with Love , Peace and Happiness. May you have all the things, that you need and face and overcome all your challenges.

Now I can only go to sleep properly when my boys are in bed comfy tucked in and sleeping happily.  It is a  kind of magic when after a long day I go and kiss them good night-there is nothing like it. It is Heaven . I know they are the most special children in my life and I want them to become responsible adults filled with kindness and compassion to all life.

We are all connected and with every act of kindness and love you deliver vibes , that go beyond any borders. Your heart sends signals to the electromagnetic field, that is around the world and you with your love and kindness can help me in my mission of loving, nurturing and feeding every child on Earth. There are so many ways to be kind and if you take just 5 minutes a day just to send a silent prayer from your heart you are making a difference . Thank you so much.

Sending blessings and Love

P.S This is day 59 of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 175 days left of 2012.

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