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Connections and Love

Can you bring magic in your life and live your dreams daily?

Please note, that I will be using the word magic in this blog post. I love that word, because in only 5 letters the following statement is expressed “the inevitable, unexplainable coincidences coming together at the perfect time in the perfect place, as a part of a strategic plan beyond time and space.” 

I love fairy tales. In fact I sometimes wish life was a fairy tale and every situation had a happy ending and everyone is friends and love each other. In some fairy tales there is always someone who uses magic words and spells and also makes dreams come true.

To follow your dreams and follow your bliss is to be human. There is nothing more natural, than loving what you do and simply being. Most people believe, that we create our reality and that only 10% of our life is what happens and 90% our response and we have that control and a free will.

Is there really a free will if we have to respond to the 10% is another question . There are times when you do what you have to do, whether you like it or not. That’s life. Even in the fairy tales there are roads to be walked on, challenges to be faced and mountains to be climbed. mother nature loves you

But how about your life? What does it take to bring magic in your life without losing connection with reality? But if you are creating your own reality you are always connected to it anyway, so in other words-you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Stop resenting and start living NOW.Accept everything around you and be at peace with it. This is the first step to creating magic.

You are part of it and you have a role in this crazy thing, called life.

Intuition, communication and pain are most powerful guidelines in your life. Use them every day.

Every situation is different and everyone has a different mission in life, whether they know it or not, Knowing or not knowing your mission is irrelevant to create magic, because by simply being here you are contributing to the magical mystery of living and breathing. 

Never the less you can make it really fun and love every day of being alive, by choosing to do the next 3 steps when it comes to creating your reality.

You can use those steps in anything and there is no greater power, than the power of taking action, that is backed up by decision and vision. The key here is not to worry so much about the how, but to focus more on personal growth and contribution.

Here are the 3 steps. 

Step One Commit -decide what you want to achieve and make a commitment to yourself. Making a commitment is a powerful stage of making a decision and realizing why you are doing it. Take your time and be very very bold! 

Step Two Connect -connect to the incredible potential, that you have as a human being and then connect that with the world around you and act as a team of perfectly arranged players and settings 

Step Three Create your reality and live your dream daily. Life is simply a breath. Don’t wait till you get to the top of the mountain to appreciate the journey. Every day is an invitation to change, grow and contribute. Every book, situation, walk, conversation is a miracle. Appreciate it and live it. Here is the video , where i share those 3 steps, please press play to watch it. 

My conclusion and to answer the question “Can you bring magic in your life and live your dreams daily?” is, that yes –the magic is already here and by using your intuition, connections and pain you can create and live your dreams daily. You have the power to connect to your potential and use it in everything, that you do daily. You create magic in your life and you are part of that magic as well! Enjoy! 

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