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Can a toothache be a blessing?(Confession-I am obsessed with finding the silver lining)

Sometimes I feel obsessed with looking for the silver lining and the blessing in everything , that happens in my life. This evening I am writing as I feel a pulsing toothache. While I am relaxing on the sofa and taking it really easy I feel I want to talk about my toothache and in a way make myself feel a bit better , by focusing on what can I learn from the whole thing.

I would not use any painkillers , not because I like the pain , but because I would not know what is going on. Killing the messenger will not make it go away. I am literally looking forward to my dentist’s appointment tomorrow.I have done all the things , that I know of to ease the pain
Salty water
Baking soda
Clove oil
Fresh ginger
Fresh garlic
And the best one -bourbon(optional)

I wasn’t always like that. This kind of transformation happened shortly after I stopped breastfeeding my youngest boy when he was nearly 2 years old. He is the only one of my kids, that have never had Calpol, Nurofen or any form of antibiotic or so called medications. After doing my research and listening to my own intuition I realized, that anything that is happening in your body is part of the healing process and a part of your body ever emerging , ever present strive to keep the balance.
While I am experiencing a light fever right now , I know that it’s a part of the process of dealing with the infection.

Your body’s ability to deal with anything is amazing and once you realize that you will naturally stop using anything that suppresses the natural process. In my case I have been prosponing and neglecting my teeth so the blessing here is that I will be more careful and do regular checks.

On the other hand since last night I have been living on smoothies, since I can’t chew anything and anything , even a banana makes me feel very uncomfortable. My pain started yesterday afternoon and since last night I have had only smoothies . Last night I had a very simple one , which is just hemp, blueberries, very ripe bananas and cacao nibs .Here is how it looks once blended with some pure water.

natural remedies for a toothache
Very delicious and rich smoothie

This is the time when having a Vitamix becomes essential to enjoy a really smooth drink. Here is what I am having this evening .It is quite filling and very satisfying for my liking. natural remedies for a toothache
Once you blend all that with some water simply enjoy and feel good.
So overall the blessings are.
1.A Reminder that, prevention is better than cure
2. Pain is only a messenger and a result of some disbalance and not a root cause of a problem
3.I Am on a smoothie fast -very good for the liver and boosting my immune system as the weather is getting colder and the light hours shorter.
4.A Great excuse to relax and ask my boys to brush my hair for hours-nothing can replace that

To be honest I already feel better. Writing a blog post is a form of therapy and I love it.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I would love you to share with me what do you do when you have a toothache and want to make yourself feel better. Please leave your comment in the box below,

Talk soon,

Lots of Love


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