Raw Food Detox,Why Raw Food?

How to Break a Raw Food “Fast” ?

Its easy to break a raw food “fast” , simply because you haven’t really been fasting. You have been eating and abundance of foods, the only difference is, that they were all whole unprocessed form. Its amazing how good it feels .Here is a picture of the first cooked dish I had. It was very tasty and I loved it! 

break a raw food fast
baked sweet potato, steamed cauliflower with lettuce, tomato , celery and green olives salad


I have been enjoying truly relaxing and easy weekend, as the boys went to stay with their granny. It has been so quiet in the house .This is exactly what I needed. Perfect undisturbed bliss.

When you expose food to any form of heat you destroy some or all of the nutrients. When you do that , you are simply left with nothing and you have to eat more and more to feel full. Eating raw foods provides an opportunity for you to eat less and feel full.

I have been eating 100% raw foods for 21 days .On Friday (the day after the last day of the detox) started my day as usual with a glass of lemon water. Its a good habit to have regardless of what your diet is like.

The next thing is to remember that everyone is different and everyone feels differently on what to have first. I felt like starting with foods, that are also recommended to eat cooked if you are doing 75%-that was slowly baked sweet potato and steamed cauliflower. Then I added one of my favourite salads made from lettuce, celery , tomatoes and green olives. In that way I am not consuming only cooked foods and its more of a transition food.

Doing the raw food detox has totally transformed my relationship with food. I have become nearly  blind to anything , that is not fruit , nut or a vegetable. On Saturday I went to a  coffee shop with a friend and before we went there I insisted on getting some fruits . This is one of the best benefits of doing a detox . When I am hungry I eat fruits and I feel great. I love it.how to break a raw food fast

It is also very important to chew your food. Saliva has enzymes that assist in digestion. Up to 80 percent of the starch, 30 percent of the protein and 10 percent of the fat can be digested by the enzymes in saliva.

Making juices and smoothies during the breaking period is providing a  gentle nourishment to your body. Its a great habit to adopt forever.Here is a way to introduce wheat back to your diet. I just made a smoothie with oat milk. Very creamy and tasty it is. 

break a raw vegan fast
One of my favourate smoothies -blueberry , banana, maca root,chia , raw cacao , oat milk , dates,

So my body has been adjusting to eating back some yummy cooked dishes, but I was doing that I also have noticed a few changes in me. First I have noticed , that I can’t each as much. My body seems to feel full very fast. I had rice today and it felt really heavy, so I decided to stop. I have also noticed, that even when I am very hungry I can cope with it a lot easier. No feeling of weakness of dizziness at all. My energy and vitality is just as good and I am looking forward to a new day tomorrow. 

In the meantime thank you very much again for being here.

Stay Healthy and Feel Good 



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