Raw Food Detox,Why Raw Food?

Raw Food Detox Preparation Over

I have only a few hours left before I stop thinking rice or pasta? potatoes or quinoa? basil bread or toasted pita bread? olive oil or tahini? or both?falafels or onion bhaji? lentil soup or chick peas curry? .

I am very excited and so looking forward to the raw food detox. I have prepared myself , so as my family and I feel  so ready for it. When you have young kids, like myself you can’t just stop buying pasta , rice or cook for them.

I have watched a few videos, where people who ,possibly live on their own ,are giving advice to others on how to start a raw vegan diet by getting rid of all , that is not raw food. With all dew respect I am sure if you don’t buy it you won’t eat it, but what if you are a  mummy, like me  and you have to cook for 3 hungry boys?

I would never in a million years force anything on anybody , never mind on my kids. So this evening I would like to share the 5 things that I feel I have done to prepare myself for the raw food detox.

raw food detox
Variety is the spice of life!

1.Prepare , prepare , prepare .I do not know who said it , but its a statement, that I believe in “Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity “ . I love getting ready for things in my own pace without being rushed into anything. Since the beginning of January I had this feeling, that I have to do a detox , but didn’t know exactly how. Then you know the times  when you are just silent and sitting , empty of though I got the feeling , that I am gonna do a detox starting on the 1st of March and will complete on the 21st of March , which is the day of the Perfect Balance. Never mind that, but just today I have been invited and I will be going to attend a talk in Dublin , where one of the pioneers in the Raw Food community will be speaking-Dr.Brian Clement. I admire his work and everything, that he does to help people , that are trapped in auto immune diseases and other problems, including sleep, weight and stress. I highly recommend you any of his events . He will be in London as well, where a friend of mine is hosting a whole day workshop and you can see the details here. 

2.Write a list with all the foods you will eat . I  created a list on what you can eat on the raw food detox, which is perfect for myself. You can make your own list. The purpose of that is actually to become aware of the amazing variety of foods , that you can have and never have to feel , that there is nothing to eat.Whatever you do don’t starve yourself. Become aware , that there are waves of hunger and when you feel the first wave take a glass of water or a celery stick, or a carrot. By the time you are really hungry you can have your salad ready or whatever you are having.

raw food detox
Kitchen window seal “garden” and sprouts farm 🙂

3. Stock up on lots of greens, sweet fruits and everything else , that you love. You know those times in the day when you are just back from the school run , everybody has had a long day and there is “nothing to eat”, and everybody “wants a piece of you”. Those are times when you reach out for the banana, the apple or the dried figs or dates . Or at least this is what I do. I find celery incredibly filling as well , simply because is one of the most alkalizing foods , that you can eat.

raw food detox
the heavy stuff 😉

4.Go with the flow-the Internet is full with some amazing and overwhelming gourmet raw vegan recipes. I am planning to keep things really simple and easy, simply because I like it that way.You can find some amazing creations by the raw food chefs, but for me the main dish for the next 21 days will be a humongous salad .

raw food detox
my collection of organic herbs-nettles, mint, dill, elderflower

5. Plan to celebrate when you complete -On the 22nd of March I will treat myself  with a little party and a few presents , which I am gonna decide during the detox. I really do not know by then what I would feel like, but whatever it may be I am looking forward to it.

Overall I am so grateful for all the support , that I have been receiving from people sending me messages and encouragment. I am so so thankful I love each and every one of you.Its great to have you here !

Sending blessings and Love

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