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Is it extreme to be a vegan ?

Becoming vegan and adopting the vegan lifestyle is easy once you have made up your mind. I get this overall feeling of relief when I know that my food choices are not creating any suffering and that I am also eating for optimal health. What you eat has a profound effect on you , your health and the environment. I believe, that it’s all about getting the information across to more and more people. Education is key in any field , so as is how to eat for optimal health.

I used to be a big meat eater myself and I used to think , that to be vegan is extreme. Well, let me tell you now after I have done so much research  I believe , that not being vegan is an extreme. It is an extreme to create suffering my separating over drugged and tortured  mother and her off springs so the dairy industry can make a profit. It is an extreme to close 100s of chickens and bloat them with food, antibiotics and grain and then kill them before they have a chance to see any daylight. It is an extreme , that when people get sick they believe, that by taking more chemicals or worse radiation they will get better.It is an extreme , that 80% of the corn and 90% of the produced grain is given to animals, that are to be slaughtered when millions of people die of starvation every day……….

I also think that it is nearly impossible to pin down the exact nutrient requirements of any one person. As you know our bodies are unique and respond to the environment and  our mental state in a different way. We all have heard the expression, that when 2 people watch the same movie they both will see in the movie  only what matter to them. Everybody looks on things around them through their own lenses on prospective. Sometimes ignorance is a bliss and it can only go on for  a certain time.

In the China Study Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD proves that you can turn cancer cells on by consuming 20 gr. of meat per day . It is extreme to know that animal protein is the one of the main causes of cancer, diabetes 2 and cardio -vascular diseases and still consume it on a daily basis.

You can cure 70% of the illnesses, end 90% of human starvation, concerve the envioroment and have an optimal health by simply choosing a plant based diet. And, Yes that is extreme…because world peace starts in your kitchen.

Sending Blessings and Love

P.S This is part 2-day 2 -(after 91 days) of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 112 days left of 2012.

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