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Life gets better by change , not by chance

As I am writing to you this post I see the first autumn leaves on the footpath.The sky is more grey than blue and there is this calm cool feeling, that rain is on its way. Changes of the seasons. Change is inevitable. I love change.

Bangor Marina


Just moved into a new house and that is the reason I haven’t been posting  daily. But my blogging and social media holiday is over and I am looking forward to continue with the daily posts and share with you my vegan journey , more new easy vegan recipes and whatever else life brings me. Today ,it is good day as any. I could have waited till I have tidied to perfection every room and polished every piece of furniture and put every book on it’s place, but hey  the time is now.

Moving house is messy, change is messy autumn leaves are messy-they will be falling into my front garden every day until there be non left on the tree. I have collected every item of our old place until there was nothing left there. I like to think, that I am an organized person, but moving house is a really messy challenge. During this process I kept finding things and notes and memories and so on.

Moving house its like a forced external cleanse. I feel so refreshed even if at times it was hard.Getting all the material stuff moved opened my mind and soul for berried thoughts and emotions. Stuff , that I haven’t deleted with and just been putting off were clear and raw. There were moment when I just could not stop crying rivers of cleansing energy. Feeling of refreshed and magnificent change.

Shine on!

What added extra strength to that is the fact that I am starting to really feel the transitions from eating vegan food. The whole thing about , that food is not a sedative any more in my life.Food is nourishing pure energy and fills my cells with clear power. I am getting clearer and clearer and its amazing.It amazes me that pains, that I kind off put off in the past are coming out and clearing away. There are no short cuts-the only way out of pain is through it. Its not easy , but it’s worth it. I am a lot more intuitive and every day there is a new learning to embrace.
I have learned how much more I am capable of,  once I set my mind onto something.

Now we are also back at school and the new habit  with the boys is to have only one sugary snack a week.They are brilliant children, I am so blessed. Instead have fruits and vegetables. First week went really well 9 bananas , 8 apples and 3 red peppers. We have to keep the momentum going, Even if it’s only week 1. Life gets better by change, not by chance.

So delighted to be back with you I am looking forward to share some new fast easy vegan recipes. Thank you so much for reading my post!

Sending blessings and Love to you


P.S This is part 2-day 1 -(after 91 days) of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 113 days left of 2012.

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