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“Luck is when opportunity meets preparation”

“Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.”

This is what I say when the little grumpy control freak in me wants to sort out everything in one go. Embracing my “dark” side has been one of my life long journeys and I am getting better.I am learning to use all my skills to create and to love, rather than destruct and own. 

But I know for sure.90% of the time you make your own luck. There are 10% which are a mystery, but the rest is up to you. It’s what you do. 

Ever since I was a little I have always believed , that you have to look after your luck and not use it unless you really have to. I always knew that if something didn’t work out the way I first wanted it, I was sure that something else will come out of it. So far life has been a constant path of making sure I am prepared, but at the same living very spontaneously. 

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This, in my opinion, is the sweet madness in life.

You prepare to go out for days.Then your child gets a stomach bug and you can’t possibly leave him alone. So you cancel or pros pone your outing. You spend the whole day cuddling and making tea and giving him a massage and in 2 days he is back to perfect health.

By then the weekend is over and it’s time to hit the routine again, but you get a phone call from one of your friends inviting you to visit and then go out. “Yes” you say “I would love to, me and my man really need a weekend out”. And without your interference your kid’s granny offers to have the kids for a long weekend and everything falls into place like someone who knows me better than me has organized it and have thought about everything. 

Don’t know what it is or how it works exactly. Before I had my boys I used to spend a lot of time resenting things, that I couldn’t change. I guess becoming a mother have thought me one of the greatest lessons of all and that is to trust the process and have faith. 

I hated it when our car broke down a few months ago and for a few weeks the kids went to school on their bicycles  and I walked the eldest boy to his school and back. We walked 5 miles every day. It was a blessing in disguise, indeed. I am so grateful and beyond to the fact that I can trust my two youngest boys and I feel , that they are incredibly smart and know how to look after each other. My eldest boy, whom I walked with was with a broken leg in the beginning of this year.Having to walk daily increased his confidence and now he has joined the school basketball team. 

Those may look like very small things in the big picture of life. People get sick, people have no money to eat, no water…the list is incredibility long, also all the people that suffer lost of some form or separation….I truly don’t know how to justify any suffering. I can may be try to reason and explain some of it, but I don’t know why there is so much unnecessary suffering and loss. 

All I can do is to remind everyone, that it is what it is. Prepare for everything, expect the unexpected, but above all just be. 

No matter how much I have tried to control things, because there is a grumpy control freak living in me, I have learned to make him my friend.he helps me to organise the house, the boys my plans with my man and everything in between. 

As always thank you so much for your love and support.I wouldn’t be here without you, my amazing and precious readers. 

Be well,be wild and enjoy the ride! 

P.S I intend to write a blog post a day for 365 days. This is day 3. Stay wild with me! 



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