Connections and Love

Are you happy to be miserable ?

There are  certain moments in life when feeling comfortable means to think about something with a lot of worry in your heart. You feel that if you worry about it , it will be OK and it is a kinda of a prayer , that you you are saying . But do not forget what they say-worrying is like saying a prayer for something , that you do not want to happen.

I know it is very easy to say sometimes-focus on what you want, be open and positive and things will work out all right. This would be my exact words if I was talking to a friend, that is worrying . This is what friends are for. To remind us what really matter and that all will be OK. When you hear a supportive words from a friend your heart remembers , that there is this powerful organizing energy that is taking care of everything  and that all is well.that what friends are for

You are happy to be” miserable” when you have a friend. Life is full of meaning when you have people to share it with. All of it. Not just the good times , but the ” bad” times, especially. You are only human. Live it , let it go and let Love in. 

Pure magic happens . All you have to do is allow it to happen, do not interfear this powerful organized plan with a little help from your friends. 

Sending Blessings and Love 

P.S This is day 27 of  Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 212 days left of 2012.

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