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Make the most of now

Another late evening for me tonight. I seem to enjoy this quiet late nights . Soon the school runs are starting again so I am making the most of now. And then gradually I will prepare my body alarm clock to wake up at 7 every morning. Becoming vegan has made me so aware of my body and the way it talks to me.

Today  I was eating some mixed nuts and as always I was picking the hazelnuts first, than the almonds, then the Brazil nuts and the last were the peanuts. Do not know  why just like to enjoy them like that-the flavour is better and stronger when you have 5-6 of each instead a mix of all. Then I had a few bites of my favourite raw cacao bar and it really enjoyed it. Those little treats and flavours I really appreciate .Over all life is a  collection of the moments we gather each day.

This morning when I got up there were a few birds and my basil and coriander are starting to really grow. I have never grew coriander before, but is it looking very hopeful. I am sure the basil will be fine. I love the taste of basil more than any other herb and will write a post about it.I am really loving the silence.So take it easy this weekend and remember to do what you love.

Sending blessings and love
P.S This is day 91 of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 136 days left of 2012.

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