natural treatments for anxiety
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Natural Remedies for Anxiety

 Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Do you suffer from stress or anxiety? Are you under the pump at work? Have you experienced a major life change, such as a house move or a relationship breakdown? Are you just experiencing a general feeling of anxiety or anxiety attacks and you’re not sure why?

What is anxiety
First, what is anxiety? Anxiety finds its roots in the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism. It initially served to protect us, causing adrenaline to be released into the bloodstream when danger was near and reactions were necessary. In modern times, the problem with this ‘fight or flight’ reaction is its manifestation into everyday life. Prolonged anxiety can result in illness such as high blood pressure and insomnia.natural treatments for anxiety

  • Symptoms of anxiety:
  • Mood disturbances including anger, aggression and irritability
  • Poor concentration or attention span
  • Memory problems
  • Poor sleep and fatigue
  • Low immunity
  • Headaches
  • Digestive disturbances including diarrhea and indigestion
  • Appetite disturbances including lack of appetite or overeating
  • Musculoskeletal tension

If you need a little help relieving stress and anxiety, try these herbal remedies and natural remedies for anxiety:

natural treatments for anxiety

1. Tea
Apart from the soothing feeling of drinking tea (whether it’s the moment of peace, calm and time-out, or the physical feeling of a hot beverage) herbal teas can have an amazing effect when it comes to stress and anxiety. The compounds in Chamomile Tea have a calming and soothing effect.

2. Exercise
Regular exercise is one of the best combatants of anxiety and depression. It is good for the brain and body, helps reset the body’s sleep-wake cycle and releases feel-good endorphins. If you’re experiencing a build up of adrenaline, exercise also helps to channel this. It doesn’t have to be intense exercise and you don’t even have to join a gym. Just going for a brisk walk or fitting 20-30 minutes a day of exercise has proven effects when it comes to dissipating anxiety.

3. Herbal Medicines
Many people find herbal remedies can assist with general anxiety and ease the symptoms of panic attacks and poor sleep. Herbal remedies such as Stress Plex by PPC Herbs  combine:
St John’s Wort flowering tops (useful for mild anxiety, nervous tension, restlessness, irritability and in the management of mood swings and stress disorders)
Lemon Balm leaf (which assists with sleep disturbances and irritability)
Passion flower leaf (which is calming, mildly sedating and helps promote sleep); and
Skullcap leaf (which is a nervous system tonic, relieves tension and is mildly sedating)

4. Eat right
Certain foods are shown to improve anxiety. These include omega-3s (flax seeds, walnuts and hemp) and protein , including legumes and beans.

Find what works for you, whether it’s learning a meditation or breathing technique, taking a long bath, speaking to a professional, changing your eating or sleeping habits.

For more on herbal medicines, check out PPC Herbs:

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