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Tips to eliminate dairy milk from your diet

eliminate dairy milk I have written in the past, many times, the truth about the production of dairy milk. In my opinion it is one of the most horrific and bloody crimes done by humans to vulnerable and placid animals.

The fact is, that a mother and a child has to be violently separated so the industry can sell milk. It really makes absolutely no sense to me. That milk is designed to turn a calf into a ton weight animal and imagine what all that fat and protein is doing to your body.

Also those cows have been raped in order to live their lives in constant lactation so the industry can sell you milk. I know how breastfeeding feels. I feel so much compassion to those animals. Even if what is done can not be undone overnight I will be so happy if  I can influence people to stop taking dairy so less and less milk is in demand. This madness has to stop NOW!eliminate dairy milk

Factory bred cows are given a cocktail of antibiotics to stop diseases, and powerful growth hormones are injected for increased milk production. They are fed grains and all sorts of unnatural foods to promote weight gain. All these go into the cow’s milk, which, if examined properly, would be classed as unfit for human consumption. The reality is that the dairy industry depends on selling it (a mixture of blood, puss, casein, growth hormones, antibiotics, GMO grains (which is not natural for them) and stress hormones from a grieving mothers… As well as everything else, dairy milk has been linked to a list of autoimmune diseases and illnesses including diabetes and prostate cancer. Here is a video, which is a part of a presentation by Dr. McDougall regarding dairy milk.

Drinking milk is a really bad habit. And like any habit, it can be replaced. The main thing is to make a decision to eliminate dairy milk. Once you decide, it’s easy, and it’s only a matter of doing some simple steps to help you achieve that.

First and foremost, the number one tip is to stop buying it. If you don’t have it in the house, you won’t use it. Try different plant based alternatives and stick with buying it instead. I know, that plant based milk are not yet as widely sold as dairy milk, but things are improving. Most garages and corner shops now sell soy milk and in nearly every supermarket you can buy rice milk, oat milk, almond milk and coconut milk. When it comes to anything that is in a package, make sure you read the label. Make sure that the milk only contains the plant that is made of water, and in some cases a bit of salt. If there is anything else in it , that you can not pronounce or have no idea what is it its better to leave it.eliminate dairy milk

Most health shops also sell good quality plant based milks including hemp and hazelnut milk and it’s worth paying them a visit. As a last, but not least resort you can buy a bulk amounts of plant milk supply online.
Another good tip for eliminating dairy from your diet is to start reading the ingredients on everything, that you buy in a package. Scan packaged foods for evidence that dairy products are used in it’s contents. In some cases, this will be very obvious. For example, if a product lists dried milk powder as an ingredient, the packaged food does have a dairy product included.

Also remember to look for the less obvious. While many people can easily identify butter, cheese, and milk, not everyone recognizes such ingredients as lactose, whey and casein as related to dairy products. Whey is found in many packaged crackers, cake mixes, and similar packaged foods. Casein is a thickening agent and may be found in packaged gravies, gelatins, and similar products.

Overall transitioning to non-dairy milks is very easy as there is an abundance of choice, including vegan spreads and vegan cheese, which are very useful while you are making the switch. You will be surprised how good your going to feel, once you’ve eliminated dairy from your diet. Look at the bigger picture and educate yourself.

Here is an interview with Dr. Will Tuttle regarding dairy In his book World Peace Diet” Dr. Tuttle . It makes a connection between the dairy farms and they way women are treated in some countries and situations as commodities, but that in itself is a bigger subject. I chose this video because there is no graphic images, but you can find many videos with very disturbing footage. 
To sum it up, it is completely unnessessary for humans to consume dairy milk and cause immense suffering to the animals. Plant based milks provide nutrients and cause no harm to the environment.



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