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Why Is It Great To Own A Dog?

Why Is It Great To Own A Dog?
Dogs are said to be best and loyal friends of man and that too for all the good reasons. Their very companionship accompanied by frequent hugging, licking or kissing, brings immense and unparallel joy. It always feels positive when your furry friend starts waging its tail happily or jumps in your with delight- the moment you enter home. There have been lots of stories and movies glorifying the loyalty of dogs to their masters. They would be your fiercest protectors and impart a sense of utmost security that not even your gun can give.
Interestingly, all the pet dogs that people so peacefully and adorably curl up to, have actually evolved from wild and savage wolf. To know more about dog breeding, click here.
Now, having a pet dog does not only imply a joyous companionship- in fact, this companionship begets excellent physical & psychological benefits as well.
Let’s start with the physical benefits
• According to studies, people who own dogs enjoy improved cardiovascular health with lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides and lower BP.
• Your dog will make you stay physically fit as well. They are very active beings and would enjoy frequent playing sessions with you involving lots of jumping & running. If you are trying to shed your extra pounds, they will be your champion motivators who won’t ever let you miss the training sessions.
• Studies have found out that people who own dogs make fewer doctor visits in comparison to those who do not. It’s quite natural since dogs enable you to stay physically active and fit.
• Children who grow up with pet dogs show better immunity. Yes, kids who have pets in their home are lesser prone to allergy or asthma.

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Psychological well-being
• Those who own pet dogs show lesser sign of depression, stress or anxiety. One cannot stay depressed for long when he has somebody constantly showering him with love and that too unconditionally. Many pet owners find great relief by talking to their furry friends whenever they are sad or need somebody to vent out their anxiety or stress.
• Dogs live in the moment and know how to enjoy every moment of life. Thus, being with dogs teach people how to relish every niceties life is offering now. People who know how love in the moment, are usually happier and suffer less from stress burden.
• It has been seen that those who grow up with dogs tend to develop high self-esteem and confidence. It’s because, the furry friends, with their constant unconditional love make people feel that there is somebody who believes in you without being judgemental. This helps a person to feel significant that very way he is which naturally elevates the confidence level.
For further information on relationship between human & dogs, visit this link.
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