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Vegan Activism (opinion)

I am so new to being vegan , when I compare myself to other  people in the vegan  community. I love all the inspiration, valuable information and amazing recipes. I am so grateful to have connected with some wonderful people , that are really supportive and loving. I am still finding my voice when it comes to being an  activist for the animals and the planet

I can not watch the scenes of baby male chickens being  killed by the dairy industry any more , I can not watch  videos with hens being abused and used in extreme conditions and then slaughtered for meat any more.Its  blissfully ignorant  to think that  there is such a thing as “humane slaughter” and “free range” -it is all done with the intention to kill those animals for food . It really makes no sense to me to separate a mother cow from her baby calf , so humans can consume her milk, that they do not need and that same milk is a perfect foundation for cancer and cardiovascular diseases.  Often farmed animals are treated brutally, mutilated without pain interventions, left to die slowly of disease, and slaughtered inhumanely.

When we become aware of the truly horrific experiences of these innocent animals we are more likely to not accept them. Unless you stop eating meat, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. I see pictures of starving people in Africa , Asia  and all over the world and I feel responsible. It takes one bowl of grain to feed a child a day. I see the amount of rain forests being destroyed in the name of more land to look after life stock…the list goes on.

And to top it all there is a war.The worst about the war is that its between humans. Brothers and sisters kill each other in the name of unseen freedom or well sold propaganda . Freedom can only be accomplished when human values are the priority and religious harmony is happening in practice.

There always gonna be leaders and followers, but we can live in peace no matter what. I know I can only change myself  and I am so passionate about freedom and living in peace. Being a vegan gives me that feeling of compassion and love, that nothing else has got me before. I am doing it for the suffering animals, starving humans, abused planet and most of all I want to make a difference. And above all is who I am. 

Being healthy, feeling full of energy , not getting a  cold , sleeping really well and getting closer and closer to my ideal weight is just a bonus.   I want to spread love , compassion and inspiration.
In one way I feel I am doing my bit , what more can I do to help those creatures, apart from not eating and using them , what is the next step. In my heart I want to inspire more people to go vegan. I want to educate others to open their minds and hearts and make the connection , that we all living creatures on this planet are one.

We look up at the same sun, drink the same water, watch the same stars at night and walk on the same earth. The air that you breath is the same air, that surrounds Mother Earth .

Societies will change by themselves. There were times in the human history when it was OK to kill a human publicly and violently (in some places still is), but for the most part of the world this is un-thinkable now. There is no need to fight things, they move on their own. I believe it will come the time when killing an animal for food will become unthinkable….I also believe, that everything that is happening now its just a part of the journey.

My purpose is to bring awareness and inspire others to open and listen to their hearts. Think about this. There are many shows and programs about growing your own garden, but I am still to see a show called “slaughter your own animals”. All that is hidden and most of the pictures and videos come with a warning, that you are more likely to see on a horror movie.

When you have love and passion for something you can do anything, but not everything.Some times I would ask myself if positive activism any different, that any other activism. It feels like fighting with what is. I know, that when you fight with what is you give it more energy. I know ,that by focusing on what I love and like and share more and more about it, It will grow and blossom. My recipes will get better, less and less animals will be eaten. If I can inspire you to make even just one vegan meal a week I know I have done something worth while. This is what life is about. To live it and share it while you are here and then when you are gone to leave drops of inspiration in the hearts of those , that have loved you…..

Always do what feels right for you , listen to your body and be true to yourself. That is the only way to live a happy and fulfilled life. It is only up to you to decide what is right or wrong and you have all the answers in your heart.Sending Blessings and Love

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