Becoming Vegan

“Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism” by Dr. Melanie Joy PhD

For years and years before I became a vegan no body ever asked me how I feel about eating animals.Eating animals was just the way it was-it as just given and I never question it. Especially in Bulgaria, where I grew up, having meat on the table was thought to be an abundant meal and I was expected to be grateful for that, which I was.

It is so true, that we spend more time on what shampoo to buy than on what species we eat and why. All our food choices have an effect on our bodies and our overall well being. Without awareness there is no choice.I  have eaten so much meat, eggs, fish and possibly a ton of milk chocolate.

Once I stopped eating any meat or animal produce my life changed. You can only make a choice when you are aware, that there is another way.
Sometimes its painful to know what is happening in slaughter houses and animal farms, but it is also empowering because change is possible and you have the power to turn things around.
Just because something was done over and over again it doesn’t make it right.

Here is a very informative and valuable talk by Dr. Melanie Joy PhD . This  information can help you make the connection and become aware, that you always have a choice.


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