Becoming Vegan,What do vegans eat?

Vegan journey so far

I decided to become vegan on the 26th of May of this year. It has been only 11 weeks and 4 days.I am still a beginner , but it is the best thing I ever done. So grateful for the support and inspiration and all the incredible resources with information.

Previously I was a vegetarian .During  my vegetarian times I started my ongoing research about food and nutrition. This is when I started to take super foods and realize how important is what you eat. To be vegetarian was only a stepping stone to me.

The main commitment was to listen to my body.Paying attention on how food made me feel.So I kept finding more and more fruits , vegetables, nuts and seeds that made me feel really good and gave me lots of energy.

One Sunday evening  I watched a movie, as I do most Sundays and for a numerous time I saw the sad reality in factory farms and what really made me click was the time when a baby cow is separated from her mother. I am still coming to terms with it as it makes me feel very uncomfortable.I do know its is happening all the time. They do have horrible pictures of poisoned lungs and so on on the cigarette packets, but what about some real pictures and videos of what is happening inside a dairy farm. Cows are one of the most calm and harmless animals and we have chosen to torture and slaughter them. But then there is  a bigger picture. About 80-90% of all cancers, type 2 diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases are caused by meat and dairy.Also 80 % of the world crops are given to animals when millions of people die of starvation. Also 0ver 70% of the antibiotics and growth hormones , produced by Big Pharma are given to animals.And those are animals products sold in supermarket all over the country every day.Those are subjects, that I intend to explore more even if its all bad news.

That seal the deal. I am blessed to be surrounded with an abundance of choice of fruits and vegetables and nuts, seeds , leaves. Along with feeling incredibly light and clean inside there are some changes happening dew to the vegan lifestyle.

1. I am rediscovering so many new to me foods, that I never thought would taste so good-fennel, avocado, flax seeds, beetroot, chickpeas. There is so much in the food world yet to be discovered. I love trying new recipes and sharing them with you.

2. I am enjoying the goodness of many super foods, that never thought existed -spirulina, raw cacao nibs, ma ca powder, barley wheat grass, powder, udo’s oil.I use most of these in our morning booster smoothie .

3. I feel incredibly healthy , light and full of energy. I sleep like a log and I during the day there is this abundant energy flowing through me. I used to only get a lift in the morning from my 5 cups of coffee and then another 5 for lunch and before I knew it was the evening and I felt so so tired. Now I feel this sweet tiredness, when I just want to read and sleep

4. My emotions seems to have become a lot stronger and I really feel myself. I also have deeper connections and understanding of others, or at least I like to think that.

5.There is this unexplainable peace and calmness about my every day , that I do not really know how to explain.

6. I used to be afraid of dogs.Now I am not as bad. I mean literally-even my mother-in-law jack russells used to scare me. In the last few months I feel this overwhelming love for them as well as any other creatures I see. Its amazing , that I can not even kill a fly .

7.I have realized that when I decide something I really mean it and nothing can stop me. I am commited to continue educate myself and make a difference

Sending blessings and Love

P.S This is day 89 of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 138 days left of 2012.

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