Connections and Love,What do vegans eat?

“This is the time for comfort, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”

It’s that time of the year again.I am looking for a cosy seat and a comfort blanket. It was a wet and gloomy daytoday and a there will be many of them in the next few months

I have been going here and there all day. And it’s just so nice to be home and cooking for my favourite people something nice and from the heart.

I am turning into a real vegan food lover and its getting better all the time.This evening I made a easy lentil and vegetables curry. Its so warm tasty and satisfying. You can eat it with rice or some toasted pita bread.
I did have a long day and that’s why I have comfort in my mind ;-).

We as humans are real comfort creatures, or at least I know I am one for sure. I love to take it easy, I love to do things in a relaxed and sometimes unplanned manner. I also enjoy sitting on the sofa reading my Kindle. In the last week or so I have turned into a real free kindle books hunter , as I am always looking for more.

I enjoy whaping warm and blogging and even when I have to do something , that takes a bit of effort I always start to prepare my mind for it first. Once I made up my mind that something has to be done its a pleasure to do anything. Going with the flow is a way to live your life in comfort as well.

I believe that there is this magical master plan for everything to work well and for a reason. This is a comfort for your soul, then to comfort your mind you just need to stop thinking of what you haven’t done and what you will do. That is when the mind is present  .

I know that that practice alone takes a while to achieve , but its worth the effort.

You start with moments, then minutes and then hours and and eventually a way of being. Its really worth it. Even if you will still get times of stress and despair at least being aware of how powerful is to be present you become stronger and more loving to what is.
It is easy to comfort the body. At any moment on the back of your mind you know how comfortable your body is. Just listen to it. Are you warm, fed and watered, sitting comfortably, no need to go to the toilet, no need to take a shower or a bath. Just Fine.

Your soul gets comfort from a friend, from a music or a view. From a feeling of the connectivity of all thing and non things that all is well. That is how is intended to be . So just sit down and relax and let it be!

Sending Blessings and Love ♥


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