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The Common Myths about Foam Roof Maintenance

Foam roofs are tricky because while a number of people prefer them, a significant percentage of people who find them too troublesome to use. The reviews might be mixed but there is no doubt that there are many misconceptions surrounding them. Foam roofs are highly effective in improving insulation without any expensive enhancements but at the same time, they need to be in a good shape to provide adequate protection to the house. If you are considering a foam roof for your house then you need to have all the facts. Therefore, to help you out, we bring you some common myths about Foam Roofs.

1.They Don’t Need Any Kind of Routine Checkups

Foam roofs are known to last longer than their counterparts and can survive for many years without any roof repair or attention. They might be low maintenance as compared to others but they still need care and routine checkups to maintain their durability. If you want to protect your house from excessive moisture then don’t forget to consult a professional for yearly routine inspection. Also, learn more about the maintenance of foam roofs before investing in the same for added precaution.

2.The Damage Can Be Undone

Foam roofs have a protective coating to make them last longer and also to prevent any degradation. If this coating is not redone on the roof after a decade or so, UV rays will cause the surface some serious irreversible damage. Small holes or pits will form and water will be collected in them. These pits can’t be repaired or covered by another coating. You will have to reinstall a new foam roof if the previous one is damaged. Therefore, to avoid additional work, stick to a proper maintenance schedule and make your foam roofs last longer.

3.You Don’t Need to Clean Foam Roofs

Nobody likes cleaning roofs because let’s face it—scrapping off the accumulated moss from dirty tiles is not a fun task. To escape this problem, many people install foam roofs in the hope that they won’t have to clean it anymore. This however is not necessarily true. The effort required in cleaning foam roofs is certainly lesser than taking care of tiles but you still need to remove any materials that might have gathered on your roof in a natural way. This includes, getting rid of debris, leaves, pine needles, branches etc.

4.They Are Too Fragile

The other common myth about foam roofs is that they are too fragile for walking and therefore cleaning or maintaining them is difficult. When your foam roof is made of good materials and has a stable structure, it is quite sturdy to hold the weight of an average person. If your roof is strong enough to protect you from storms, harsh sunlight and excessive rain, then it can definitely hold your weight effectively.

5.Recoating Can Be Done by Anyone

To save money, many people try recoating their foam roofs on their own but this is not advisable. The foam roof will require cleaning and proper inspection before any kind of coating is re applied. Most people are not aware of this fact and therefore try handling the job on their own and end up damaging the coating. Others are unable to properly re coat the roof and this in turn makes matters worse. You will end up spending more than what you tried to save if you don’t leave recoating to the professionals.

So the above were some myths about foam roof maintenance and we hope they helped you learn a more about foam roofs.

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