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Best Vegan dessert so far -Apple and cinnamon Rolls

I have been vegan for just over 5 months, which is 157 days,which is 22 weeks(rounded up), which is 3768 hours…..and I would like to remain vegan and counting and adding the years for as long as I live.One of the best things that is happening, apart from losing weight is the fact , that I do not have the overwhelming daily cravings any more for a sweet fix. Eating has become a real celebration of flavours and its getting better all the time.

Cooking vegan food in a non-vegan house is always exciting.I have always loved food, but cooking easy vegan recipes has become an immense pleasure, as there is an abundance of recipes. I do like to experiment any way and  my best dishes happen  when  let my intuition guide me.The word “intuition” is one of my most favourite words. It says so much. Intuition is that feeling, that you can’t always put your finger on, but it’s 99% accurate.

When you listen to your intuition you are flowing in the loving peace of what is and things work out themselves.So for a week or so I wanted to cut and cook the pumpkin from the organic farm, but I never really got round to it. Its sitting pretty in my kitchen and I am sure it’s time will come tomorrow when we will be celebrating the Celtic new year, known as Halloween ;-).

I have been meaning to make some pumpkin rolls with some pecan nuts and cinnamon, but instead I used apples.

It turned out to be the best vegan dessert so far. Its so simple and easy to make and you can also play with the ingredients, , that you put inside the roll -savory and sweet.
This evening I made the best vegan dessert so far and it got eaten in minutes. It was apple, pecan and cinnamon rolls in filo pastry with walnut oil.I have written before the health benefits of cinnamon and you can read them here. And that really sums up the ingredients.

250 grams of filo pastry (I use egg free ones)

1 royal gala apple

1 golden delicious apple

100 gr. of raw pecans

100 gr. of raw unrefined cane sugar(I am planning to replace the sugar with dates , but this will be another post :-))

squeeze of lemon

a good dash of cinnamon

walnut oil

So first peel and clean the apples. Grate them and add the lemon, then add the sugar and the cinnamon. Then put the pecans in the food processor so their size compares to red lentils. Then place the filo on the work top and put the mix in the middle of the filo sheet. Then fold the two ends , so it will be closed inside and then roll.

If I knew how wonderful this recipe would turn I would have taken more recipes, but I must add some when I make them next time. I am sure it won’t be long as it was such a success. So then you put the rolls into a backing tray and sprinkle some walnut oil. This wonderfully rich and nutty oil ads some amazing flavours to the roll. Preheat the oven to 170 C. Bake for approx. 15 minutes until golden brown.

So there you have it Apple and Cinnamon Roll.Enjoy !Its perfect for this time of the year, when most apples are in season and the smell of cinnamon is so warming and rich. Simply divine.


Sending Blessings and Love ♥


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