how to keep your brain healthy
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How to keep your brain healthy?

How to keep your brain healthy

The brain serves as the center of the nervous system. New brain cells are generated and new connections are established between them till the person dies. It is very important to keep the brain healthy.

In today’s world, with so much stress and pollution, it is indeed a challenge to keep our brain healthy. Here are some effective tips on how to keep your brain to keep your brain healthy

Challenge your brain

The more you challenge your brain, the more new nerve pathways are formed. Get involved in activities like solving puzzles, learning a new language, playing mind related video games, learning to play a musical instrument, etc. They go a long way in keeping your brain healthy.

Sleep well

Ensuring that you are getting sufficient sleep is very important for brain health. If you have sleep related problems, consult an expert and get yourself cured. It is advisable to sleep well during the night hours for at least seven hours.


Exercise is a proven way of enhancing brain health. Even half an hour of brisk walking daily can improve blood flow to the brain, thereby boosting neural growth factors and brain connectivity.

Consume foods that nourish the brain

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Go for whole grains. Eat brown cereals, wheat bran, brown pasta and granary bread. You may have plenty of blueberries. They delay short-term memory loss and are very good for the brain. Consume tomatoes daily. They protect the brain. Eat blackcurrants and pumpkin seeds. Use broccoli, sage and nuts daily. Consume foods rich in B vitamins like vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid. They reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and cognitive impairment.

Use supplements like Alpha Brain

Many supplements claim to enhance brain health. Many are also available on the internet. However, it is very important to use those that are genuine. Alpha Brain is one such supplement.


It improves memory, improves focus and is definitely a good value for your money. It has received many positive reviews from its many users. It promotes focus. It is safe to use, but you need to adhere to the prescribed dosage.

Alpha Brain keeps your brain active and enables you to concentrate for longer durations. It is a nootropic. Nootripics are known by various terms like memory enhancers, smart drugs, neuroenhancers, intelligence enhancers and cognitive enhancers.

People who have used Alpha Brain have experienced increase in their productivity. AC-11 is the main extract in this supplement. It is obtained from the Amazon rainforest. It is known to enhance mental capacities. Research studies have proved that.

AC-11 is combined with acetylcholine in a raw form known as Alpha GPC. This combination increases the speed at which your brain processes information. It also enhances your sharpness immensely.

You will experience Alpha Brain’s benefits while performing your day to day activities. L-Tyrosine in Alpha Brain increases dopamine levels. It also has Oat Straw (20:1), which is known to calm the brain under stressful conditions.

Healthy brain promotes general health and overall well-being. The above-mentioned tips help you immensely to keep your brain healthy.

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