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Is it really possible to do ONLY what you love? (opinion)

I got up this morning  with an intention to finish some advertising work on the websites.Every now and again I would have  a methodical and a bit boring task. I enjoy this kind of work,  but it is work .I have been putting it off all day  , as there was always something else  more exciting to do -like to read about health benefits of cinnamon, trying a new recipe -today I made my first attempt to make some Greek Lucomadas- they turn out amazing , soon I will share the recipe. We went out cycling, then did some shopping. Those are all thing I love . But I also love my work, why is it that we sometimes procrastinate the stuff we know we have to do.

Sometimes I ask myself is it really possible to do ONLY what you  love . Well I have discovered, that everything depends on your attitude. That was not my discovery. It took me a while , but  I finally discovered it for myself.. I love living and learning and being here, so anything to do with that I love. So I do only what I love and since working is part of being alive I love it. It is all about the feeling and what you focus on.

I am always the one that says to her friends if you really do not want to do something do not do it. But then how do you grow? How do you turn into reality what you feel you want to do.Yes ,out of your comfort zone is where you grow and learn.

Yes some people say that things worth having are worth waiting for. To wait for what and who for. I believe, that what happens happens to everyone at some point and some level and it depends what we do with it. There are 10 % of your life that will remain mystery, but when you look back on you life now and see what happened you realise certain things. Looking back on life it is not always a good way to move forward, especially for people like myself that have a good memory ;-). When I forget how it was and I am present everything else disappears. It is the best way to live.

I love getting things done. Self discipline and going with the flow can go together, the main thing is not to be too hard on yourself.Just get on with it. Now I have completed another stage of my work I am writing this post feeling good. The analytical voice in me will say, that this is a ego-boost , but I love my shadow anyway.

Then tonight we went to get some strawberries and on the way back we saw this beautiful rainbow . Recently there are so many Rainbows. It is like a reward for all the rain we are getting.

I love it’s vibrant and bright colours , even if my phone camera gives only a bleak reflection you all have seen a rainbow. As they say if you like rainbows you have to learn to love the rain.

My conclusion is very simple – when you love living you love everything, that you do . I am simply in love with life . How you define living is entirely up to you. Just be yourself and remember Mother Nature Loves you just the way you are !

Sending Blessings and Love

P.S This is day 60 of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 173 days left of 2012.

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