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Do you know your flavour makers?

“Eat more fruit and vegetables.”

It is sound, commonplace advice that most of us have heard a thousand times. Fruit and veg are certainly good for us; they provide us with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to name but a few.

So why do we not need such obvious advice? Is it due to a lack of time to prepare raw fruit and vegetables properly? Is it down to taste?

The truth is that very few people would list sprouts above muffins on their list of favourite foods. And this problem often stands in the way of those who haven’t tried juicing. But believe it or not, it is possible to transform half a pint of kale, celery and broccoli into a delicious drink.

In fact, let us list four simple ways to get your taste buds onside. You’re not alone there are plenty on online resources out there to help you on your way with juice recipe ideas. Check out for more information and cold press juicer recipes and help.




Mint leaves are great for a bunch of reasons. It is well known mint works well as a condiment and in combination with a dash of rum and sugar in mojitos, but mint can also inject flavour into your juicing.


Why should you bother?

Mint is a great antioxidant and a source of potassium, magnesium and assorted minerals. It is thought to ease indigestion, cleanse skin and even act as a weight loss aid.



Simple but effective, ginger will really spice up a stale juicing routine. It pairs really well with carrot and orange but can be used with almost anything alongside a hint of lemon.


Why should you bother?

Again this is more than just a quick-fix-flavour-boost. A recent study at the University of Miami revealed ginger can relieve bone and joint pain by experimenting on osteoarthritis sufferers. Ginger also assists digestion and is known to keep sugar levels in check – great if you’re juicing fruits.



On the subject of fruits, you can’t go wrong with lemon. It seems lemons were almost designed for juicing. A touch of lemon acidity complements almost anything – ginger especially – and sets off even the least inspiring vegetable coalition.



Why should you bother?

Citrus fruits such as lemons are extremely high in vitamins – and Vitamin C in particular. Add a few lemons into your diet and you can wave goodbye to any worries about scurvy you may have been harbouring.



Apples are important sweeteners in the juicing process. They can transform a fairly dull flavour into something lip-smackingly good. Remember, though, that the high sugar content in apples means they should be used to accompany other ingredients rather than form the basis for regular juicing.

Why should you bother?

Apples taste great. They are sweet, versatile and even come recommended by your doctor. The skin of an apple, in particular, is a great source of phytonutrients.

cold pressed juicer reviews

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