For quite some time I had lost my blogging mojo, so I am very excited to take part in this Maximize Your Moments Challenge by the amazing mum-entrepreneur Amanda.

Each day she will set up for us a different challenge to do I will be posting it here. Working with somebody will help me motivate myself and inspire my creativity. I have a list of things I want to do and and serve you with my blog and it’s time to turn them into reality. 

The purpose of this whole thing is to be more productive with my time, as a mum and a business owner I want to be able to spend whatever time I can creating value to my readers and followers and the same time I want to be the best mum I can be for my boys and also feel fulfilled as a woman. 

Wish me luck, as I go though it day by day in my Back to Blogging Challenge with a little help from Amanda. 

If you want to join Please Click Here. 

Day 1- Moving and Mapping

Day 2-Morning Rituals

Day 3- Focus on 5

Day 4-Eat that Frog

Day 5-Influence

Day 6-Unplug

Day 7-Get things Done

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  1. Ivelina says:

    AmandaMarieMcClellan Thank you Amanda! It’s a pleasure.

  2. AmandaMarieMcClellan says:

    Thank you for sharing the Challenge Ivelina! It’s wonderful to have you joining us! 🙂

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