detox your mind body and soul
Raw Food Detox,Why Raw Food?

Raw Vegan Detox Day 13 -Detox your mind body and soul

Being on a raw food detox has really made me realize how important is what you eat on a daily basis and its effects on your body. Food is very important, but food is only one part of the bigger picture. We as humans are living systems of our mind, body and soul.

Choosing nourishing foods heals the body , but how about your mind and soul ? What food do they need. before I share with you a few simple tips to detox your mind and soul and would like you to see my video from today.

Things that you do daily really matter.

Here are some quick and easy steps, that I hope will help you detox your mind and soul. I believe, that no matter how healthy you eat there is no replacement for a peaceful mind and a loving heart. Those two are vital for an optimal what is

Number one –Love life. To live every day in love with life is a magical place to be. Accept what is. People experience stress because they are either dwelling on the past or are worried about the future. By being present you immediately eliminated the vast majority of stress in your life.

Give lots of hugs. All the time. The thing about hugging is , that you can’t give one without getting one.

Make some “me” time everyday. It could be listening to a song , that you love , enjoying a cup of tea on your own in the living room with the lights dimmed down, reading or whatever it is you love doing, but make it a daily habit. Spending time alone is a truly a relaxing practice.detox your mind body and soul

Don’t hold negative emotions inside. If there is something , that bothers you talk to someone, don’t dwell on negative thoughts. The more you think about something negative, the bigger it becomes. Sometimes its even healthy to experience anger as it releases bad energy. On the other hand if this continues to happen over and over again, then may be its time to seek help. Negative emotions are here to help you to question your reaction. Its a good practice to turn your anger into compassion and gradually eliminate it from your life. Remember , that its never the situation, that made you angry , but your thoughts about it.raw vegan detox

Explore your inner silence. Staying calm and practicing relaxation is one of the sure ways to experience true peace. Those practices will also help you feel present and grounded.

Spend time outside-a short walk at the sea side or in the park can boost your energy. Spending time in nature also removes radiation and its another stress relief.

I had an incredible healing reiki session this morning , done by my friend Patricia Duffy. She is amazing. Patricia has deeper understanding of human emotions .She is using powerful processes from Angel Therapy, Reiki and Nuero-Linguistic Programming.You can get a compimentary session by visiting her website here.




Thank you very much for all the support and love.
Sending blessings and Love!

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