Becoming Vegan,Connections and Love

I Would love to cook for Leona Lewis ;-)

Your life is the message to the world. And what you do matter. Every time you choose not to eat meat or any other animal products you are expanding your compassion and you are reducing the suffering.

Today I read that Leona Lewis is going vegan and she is asking for some recipes . I know exactly what I would cook for Leona Lewis. For a starter we will have a little feast for the senses stuffed vine leaves , antipasti , some hummus and a few black olives to go with it. I would make her vegan burgers, served with avocado and tahini salad and some carrot and beetroot on the side. And then for desert I would love her to try my chocolate cake with a cup of spicy tea.
Why all this matter?
I believe, that to be vegan is the future and it will become the norm if the humanity wants to survive as a species.

Unfortunately the biggest pollution comes not from cars or air conditioners, the biggest pollution comes from the waste from slaughterhouses.

Factory farms are one of the worst inventions, made by humans and we are paying the price for that every day when someone gets sick.The animals there are given a substantial amounts of antibiotics and live a horrible and a very short life.   Then those poisoned  animals are eaten by humans and then humans get cancer, diabetes and a list of other diseases.

Just by reducing the amount of animal produce you become incredibly kind to yourself, but most of all you become compassionate to the Earth and the people living here. It takes 16 kg of grain to produce 1 kg of beef and that 16 kg of grain will feed a family in Africa possibly for a week, or may be longer. There is enough food for everybody on this planet and the world will not know peace until every child is loved and fed, until every mother knows, that her child won’t be sent to war . We are in this together and everything that you do matter. 

Words don’t matter . Posters and films can only open the door for you to see what is possible and what is the price of eating meat and dairy. You have the power within to make the difference.If you wish to. You can make the connection any time and expand your compassion beyond your wildest dreams. Feel the pure plant power in your veins and feel awake and alive every day.

To me being vegan is a statement louder that any words and stronger that any action. It’s the essence of me –pure compassionate love for all living creatures and and being kind to yourself and others.

Sending Blessings and Love

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