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We are one and what you do matter

It is a real indulgence to sit down every evening and let my mind wander for a while and then just bang and click – I know what I will be writing about. Some days I would know earlier -depending on the day. The most inspiring moments have been when I am not actually thinking, but letting it think itself. I love this kind of approach in life in general.

There are some challenges in life, that I could not possibly fix. Those kinds of things that are complicated and deep, so I just let it flow and hope. A friend of mine used to say that there are 3 kinds of people -the first kind makes things happen, the other kind watches them doing it and the third kind say “what happened”. I think that I am mostly the third kind-I do want things, but I ‘d rather have them if they kinda come to me. I believe, that what I need is always present.

Things and thoughts that cause me pain or discomfort I ignore and avoid I do not know until when. Until I have to face it I suppose, if ever. I am one of these people that would hardly ever attack anything or anybody. I ‘d rather pretend nothing happened, but it’s not always that easy for the other person.

I feel new every day as it is and once I get a good night sleep I can rise above things, but it’s not always that easy even if I wish it was. It took me a while to even get over myself and admit that I do not want to eat any animal products and I am a vegan. I want everybody to be happy and well and everybody to be friends, but how possible is that? I do not know…I have come to realize, that until we feel some sort of separation from each other and dwell on it we will find reasons not to be close.I always look for ways to connect and I sometimes even afraid of bad thoughts in case they haunt me ….

I am against wars, but not against the people, that are fighting it. They all have their reasons for it, whatever this might be. It is a sad reality, that in this day and age when humanity can tweet from the planet Mars some children are dying of starvation …….and also 80% of the grain produced every year is given to animals to make them fat and those same animals are given to people to make them fat and sick…..It is so senseless. We are one and what you do matter. You matter. You are the force, that can make the difference, by the simple actions that you can take. Educate yourself and make your choices. Listen to your heart…..

Sending Blessings and Love
P.S This is day 82 of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 146 days left of 2012.

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