Becoming Vegan,Everything is Energy

How can you be so fussy?

If you decide to become a vegan after being a meat eater all your life you become incredibly “fussy” of what you eat , drink and surround yourself with. You read every possible label in the super market when you are buying anything in a packet, then you look for the organic label when you are buying fruits and vegetables.

At the moment I am reading a book called called ” The World Peace Diet” by Will Tuttle.  I expose myself on a regular basis to videos and presentations regarding animal cruelty and torture, as well as the health complications of eating animal produce.  I have seen a lot of them, but this books takes all the information to another level. The book explains some horrible truths about   how destructive the habit of eating animal products is — to our bodies, to our environment, and to our politics. At some parts of the book I literally cringed by the raw nature of the reality that those animals live shortly and die.It is a sad reality , that we are looking to discover the planet Mars when all the diamonds are in our own garden . The diversity of human civilizations is astonishing , the countless variety of the animal kingdom as well. Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet and humans think,that they are here to be eaten.

This book opened my eyes to how programmed and controlled people are-I know that for sure because I was  one of them.I think it helped me become more open-minded and to recognize my own emotional resistance whenever I was refusing to acknowledge the truth. Just because for the birth of my mother my great grand father killed a lamb it doesn’t mean that eating lamb means anything more than suffering and torture. What you eat has a power over you beyond your imagination.The connectivity of all things is a fact, that I used to know before, but reading the book made it so clear and a bit painful n a way. The truth might hurt, but it will set you free. To me there is no turning back. I believe I can make a difference by sharing the love and compassion towards all life on Earth.

 I still have another few chapters left, but so far it has been amazing read.I am looking forward to finish it and would like to share my thoughts about it.And love being called “fussy”. I would do anything if I know that no one suffered today so I can have dinner and no mother cow was separated from her baby so I can have a cappuccino  ….Wow, when I look back just over a year ago I used to literally live on cappuccino and cheese cake. Now I’d rather eat paper and drink bath water !!!

Sending Blessings and Love


 P.S This is day 81 of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 147 days left of 2012.

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