Becoming Vegan,Plant Based Diet

Plant Based Diet

When you choose to go vegan you choose the purest plant based diet. Being a vegan cuts through deeply and beyond than just a diet. It’s more of a philosophy in life, a lifestyle. This is somehow a compacted belief and commitment involving animal rights, environmental advocacy and good health and that good feeling in your gut every time you eat ;-).

Top Five Benefits of a Plant Based Diet


1.) Lower Cholesterol

Going green can dramatically lower the amount of LDL cholesterol in your blood – the bad kind that can lead to heart disease and stroke. Avoid butter, cut out fatty meats and opt for plant-based foods. Dairy and animal products are loaded with fat and have no fiber. Plant based foods contain no cholesterol whatsoever. That means vegan nutrition is much better for your heart and your health. It’s even been proven by a recent study out of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, which found that a low-fat plant based diet can lower LDL cholesterol by 28 percent.

plant based diet 2.) Lower Blood Pressure

When you eat fatty meats and dairy products, the viscosity of your blood increases, placing more pressure on the blood vessels. A plant based diet fills you up with veggies and fruit, which are high in potassium. Higher intake of potassium modulates blood viscosity. This is why vegetarians and vegans tend to have lower rates of hypertension, “the silent killer,” according to observational studies published in the Nutrition Review.

3.) Prevent Cancer

High-fat diets have been linked to higher rates of cancer. In fact the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s Cancer Project showed vegetarians to be 40 percent less likely to develop cancer than meat-eaters. Meat tends to be high in saturated fat and low in fiber. Fiber plays a key role in keeping your digestive system clean and healthy, removing cancer-causing compounds before they can create harm. A vegetarian diet and vegan diet are high in fiber, low in saturated and trans-fats and typically include more fruit, vegetables and other cancer-preventing phytochemicals.

4.) Avoid Heart Disease

The American Heart Association says 83 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease, and many of the risk factors, such as obesity, are at all-time highs. But you reduce your risk. Research has found that a balanced, low-fat, plant based diet can help reduce cholesterol, contribute to weight loss and lower blood pressure. All of which lead to heart problems.

plant based diet 5.) Maintain Healthy Weight & Fitness

Those who follow a plant based, vegan or vegetarian diet generally consume fewer calories and have lower body weights than those who don’t, according to the Mayo Clinic. Still, a plant based diet doesn’t guarantee weight loss. You’ll want to keep your intake of sweets and fatty foods low, choose whole grains, eat a variety of fruit and vegetables, and choose fat-free and low-fat dairy products. Also remember that cooking method counts. Steam, boil, grill or roast instead of frying. Your new diet will even give you renewed energy for physical exercise.


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